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Last Minute Checklist Before Leaving For Honeymoon

While going on honeymoon people sometimes tend to be so much happy that they unknowingly forget some important stuff. You should always check the whole arrangements . luggages, papers, money before heading to you destination. Here is a last minute checklist that will help you to pack your honeymoon suitcase in a better way.

Do Check These Before Leaving For Honeymoon

Pack You Bags Earlier : You should start packing a day before you leave so that you are not unnecessary stressed on the day of your departure as you are going on a relaxing trip so why need to worry.

Check Dress Codes: Many restaurants have dress codes so keep in mind if you are going to a certain restaurant or a place keep stock of the dress required as per there dress code. And also there can be theme nights where you have to be dressed accordingly.

Try Your Outfits – While you might want to surprise your hubby by wearing new dresses but make sure that it fits you well. Try all the dresses before you leave and leave the ones not fitting.

Confirm Your Luggage: if you plan on sending your luggage prior, make sure to confirm that it has arrived at the destination. It would be a sad thing if you reach your destination without your luggage.

Check Your Cash: When you are traveling to a foreign destination, make sure you carry enough cash with you in the foreign denomination.

Check your gadgets: When you are traveling better check the batteries of all the gadgets you are carrying and recheck is they are working fine. Yu will be very disappointed to learn that the new camera you bought is not working.

Make Arrangements on your end: Before leaving make sure you make arrangements on your end things like cancelling newspaper deliveries, checking the security system, cancel any orders made by you which are to be delivered during the time you are away.

Check Documents : Double check that you have all the documents required, your passport, the plane’s ticket, driver license, enough currency and reconfirm your flight’s timing and arrive 90 minutes ahead to get through the security check in.

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