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Lloret de Mar Honeymoon Destination & Travel Guide for Couples


Lloret de Mar: Snapshot

Best time to visit Lloret de Mar:
January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December,

Lloret de Mar romantic honeymoon destination is also famous for : Adventure, Beach, City, Cruise, Heritage, Peaceful, Shopping, Trekking, Water Sports,

In Lloret de Mar the couples will be having one of the best trips. This city of Spain is known for its exotic beaches and resorts and in this place they will also have ample of water sports too. The city has one of the best nightlife in Europe and Spain. The couples can go for kart racing, tennis, horse riding and golf, bowling too. There is also scuba diving center in this beach resort where they can have great fun as they can equipments on hire and dives from the Lloret beach shops.

Couples can hire cars, bikes and cycles to take a ride in the city. They can also go for sea kayaking and Snorkeling too and couples can take good trips and they can also take paddle boat trips from the Bay of Lloret, and can go for good excursions too.

Lloret de Mar as Honeymoon Destination (Romantic Getaway)

Lloret de Mar is the Mediterranean city located in the provinces of Catalonia of Spain. This place is considered one of the best holiday resorts of Spain visited by thousands of tourists every year. There are some very beautiful beaches which attracts most of the crowd from all over the continent. This city is also known for its classy and exclusive shopping hubs where the tourists can fill up their bags with best of the items and souvenirs. The city also boasts some of the beautiful castles and among them the best one is the Castle of Sant Joan which is built in 11th century and the backdrop is excellent which to be enjoyed by the travelers.

Why Visit Lloret de Mar as Romantic Getaway?

  • Lloret de Mar is a place where they can have their best holidays and they can take the best break from their busy lives. Couples can have fun in the best water park of Europe where they can live their best romantic and entertaining moments together.
  • Couples will have fun sailing through the small beaches, and the different caves and they will find their most loved moments in these ways, which they will find together in the best of snorkeling tours, the calm and quiet background will allow them to live their best moments together in the most romantic honeymoon destination and the bay and beaches are filled with plenty of marine life, and couples can see different kinds and colors of fishes to see.

Best Time to Visit Lloret de Mar

The city of Lloret de-Mar experiences Mediterranean climate all the year.The best time to visit Lloret de Mar City would be all through the year.

Best Season: All through the Year
Summers: June-September
Winters: November- March
Monsoons: January, April, July, October& December

Lloret de Mar in Spain

Lloret de Mar in Spain

Lloret de Mar in Spain by Jaume CP BCN

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