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Mammoth Lakes Honeymoon Destination & Travel Guide for Couples


Mammoth Lakes: Snapshot

Best time to visit Mammoth Lakes:
January, June, July, August, September, November, December,

Mammoth Lakes romantic honeymoon destination is also famous for : Adventure, Evolving, Lake, Secluded, Skiing, Water Sports, Wildlife,

Mammoth Lakes is a famous town located in Mono County of California about 2,400 m above the sea level which is often regarded as heaven for skiing. Mammoth lakes with its pleasant climate and romantic winters attracts tourist from all around whether it is summers or winters for fishing, hiking or skiing. This town surrounded by snow capped peaks in winters is a great romantic destinations for couples and lovers to enjoy the snow and the aura of romance in this heavenly town. Full of Condos, motels, hotels, and restaurants and stunning destination around it captures the hear of every tourist who flocks here. Sierra Nevada Mountain Range offers some of the beautiful stunning 60-degree views of the Sierra. Mammoth Lakes are also known for fishing and is world-renowned spot for trout fishing.

It is visited both in winters and summers with array of activities and things to do Ski & Snowboard , Mountain Biking, Fishing, Snowshoeing, Golf – Sierra Star Golf Course, Backcountry Camping. It is a mammoth playground for skiers and snowboarders from mostly southern California in the winter. Explore the Inyo National Forest on a snowmobile. It is the home base of many Olympic skier/snowboarders. The town has lots of lodging from condos to hotels to houses, and it has many good restaurants too.

Mammoth as Honeymoon Destination (Romantic Getaway)

Mammoth Lakes as a romantic destination is a perfect place to spend a romantic vacation , surely Mammoth Lake will amaze you whichever season you prefer both in summers and winter. Known as world’s best resorts for spring skiing , the blue skies and vibrant white snow-covered terrain calls you to to ski , board them and offers endless activities for fun . During summers streams and lakes around Mammoth Lakes is a popular hang out place for trout fishing where as in Sierra you can indulge in golfing and plethora of activities in Eastern Sierra mountains.

Mammoth Lakes comes alive with annual music, food, wine, and sporting festivals.Couples can enjoy the the beautiful surrounding along the alpine lake and forested stream-side in Mammoth lake with more than 800 campsites. Yosemite National Park is regarded as most spectacular natural wonders with tranquil lakes, towering waterfalls and lush green surroundings. For Shopping lovers Mammoth Lakes provides you fine art galleries and wide variety of things to choose from like Mammoth Lakes Souvenirs, sweet shoppes handicrafts , arts.June till September this place is full of activities and festivals including food and music festivals, fishing festivals and derbies and various snow sporting.

Why Visit Mammoth as Romantic Getaway?

  • Explore hiking trails and wilderness areas on more than 2 million acres of National Forest lands
  • Fish pristine mountain streams and lakes;
  • Explore the area on horseback;
  • Take a romantic ride in a hot air balloon or on a helicopter tour;
  • And of course you can have adventure at Mammoth Mountain with mountain biking, zip lining, rock climbing and jumping on a super bungee trampoline.

Best Time to Visit Mammoth Lakes

Mammoth Lakes has a dry-summer humid continental climate, with long, very snowy winters, and warm, dry summers. Snowfall is particularly heavy from December to March appropriate time to visit this place as romantic getaway.

Best Season: winters
Summers: Jun to Sep, warm and dry weather
Winters: Oct to Apr, Snowfall is particularly heavy from December thru March
Monsoons: Oct to May

Mammoth Lakes

Mammoth Lakes

Twin Lakes in Mammoth Lakes by Justin Brown

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    Trinity Says

    My husband and I decided to take a trip to Mammoth for our vacation this year. I had never been so we thought it would be great to see the Mammoth lakes and mountains in the summer. It was a great experience. The place is good for low budget trips. As we drove up, something ran across our headlights – it was the Cinnamon Bear itself. It was fast, massive and very exciting to see. In all a lovely place for a small trip. I would rate it an average place to visit.

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