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10 Most Common Honeymoon Mistakes To Avoid

Honeymoon is once in a lifetime trip, this is the time when you get to spend some quality time with your better half without the interference of the outside world so it is obvious that everyone wants their honeymoon to be perfect. Everyone wants it to be a cherished memory that they will not forget in their whole life. A well planned honeymoon is your key to happiness. No matter how much you plan, there are always few points that usually play a spoilsport in your trip here are such commonly made mistakes that you can avoid while you plan for your honeymoon.


Most Common Honeymoon Mistakes that You Must Avoid

1- Plan At the Earliest

Planning a honeymoon is one of the most common problem that newly wed couples face but not planning early is the mistake most of the couples makes and at last they go on for the honeymoon compromising various things. So you must plan you honeymoon holiday in advance mostly 1,2 months earlier or before you marriage so that you can plan , research well about your destinations, hotels, sightseeing, itineraries and all.

2- Destination Choices

Honeymoon couples this is the most common problem that couples make while choosing a destination. Don’t be in hurry and plan early and choose your destination wisely. Google the destinations and find according to you taste beach, hill station or shopping one. One should always check the destination they are going a few days before heading out. You should know the current situation and the current climate of the place.

3- Not Checking The Hotels

This is one of the most common honeymoon mistakes by couples. When you chose a destination, make sure that you go through the reviews of the resorts and hotels. These reviews are written by the people who have stayed there and tend to be honest. So rather than deciding your place of stay on the basis of the photographs shown on the resort’s website make sure to go through the reviews written by people on third party sites to make sure that you do not suffer any type of inconvenience and get a nice place to stay.

4- Noting Down Contact Details of Travel Agents

Firstly you should book a honeymoon package from a genuine and experienced travel agents. And Secondly do check their status before heading out to honeymoon and note down their contact details and make them sure to meet at the destinations. Sometimes travel agent do not comes up and being on strange place spoils your honeymoon. So be sure of your travel agent if booking a package and if the place is new to you.

5- Not Rechecking the Luggage

Sometimes in the excitement of traveling we tend to forget if we have packed all the essentials required or not. Avoid this mistake and before leaving recheck that you have packed all the things you will need. Always check if you have packed essentials, like your medicines, sunscreen lotion, your reading glasses, etc. And, don’t forget the most important of them all- your relevant documents.

6- Not Rechecking the Reservation

Make sure that you check and recheck the reservation you made with the resort where you are staying. And in case you have made reservations ina restaurant too, make sure to recheck it. Just a phone call could save you the horrors of not finding an accommodation in a foreign land.

7- Over-planning For Honeymoon

It is understandable that you will be excited to go on your honeymoon, but do not let that super excitement of yours ruin your honeymoon. So do not plan too much sometimes you plan too much and then things do not go according to the plan which in turn leaves you disappointed.

8- Spending Too Much on Honeymoon

This can be another biggest honeymoon mistakes couples generally do. Couples sometimes tend to forget that they should not spend all of their money during their honeymoon, as they still have a life to follow up on returning. Over spending can make your honey moon a paradise but it could also drop you into thick soup later on. So keep your budget in check and enjoy your honeymoon.

9- Not Taking Advice From Your Married Friends

Taking Advice is not a bad thing and will not make you small. You can ask you married friends as to which destinations and travel agents they have booked the package from and their reviews over the hotels or destinations they have gone for. Asking you friends will also help you find more do’s and don’ts on your honeymoon than any other place on the Internet. So go and ask for advice for better planning.

10- Not Getting a Travel Insurance

Going on honeymoon with a travel insures is a much better plan than you think, it may not sound good but getting a travel insurance for your honeymoon could save you a lot of trouble in case you miss your honeymoon due to any un avoidable reasons. you just don’t know what might happen while traveling. You might contract a foreign virus. It pays to be safe in case you need to cancel your flight.

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