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Most Beautiful Villages in Europe

Europe is a stunning continent with some of the best tourist attractions. The grand European style architecture, art and culture are a few things that attract tourists from all over the world to Europe. Apart from these, Europe gives you some most picturesque and breathtaking views. These amazing views are best seen when you visit a small village in this continent. Away from the hustle bustle of city life, these villages take you straight into the lap of nature where you can relax in peace and admire its beauty. Some of the most wonderful European villages that you should visit at least once are listed below.

10 Most Beautiful Village in Europe


Photo Credit- Steve Slater

1.. Bibury, England

Seventeenth century stone cottages with pitched roofs are the highlights of Bibury. Situated on both the banks of river Coln, this European village was once upon a time home to weavers. Arlington Row Cottages that were used as monastic wool store has a breathtaking scenic beauty.

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2.. Folegandros, Greece

This small island is situated in the Aegean Sea. It has three tiny villages Chora, Karavostasis, and Ano Meria. The dramatic landscape never fails to arouse romance. The secluded atmosphere and low population makes it best for those in search for peace.

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3.. Reine, Norway

Reine is a tiny and pretty fishing village that attracts a number of tourists. The fjords, the mountains and the limitless Sea make it a romantic beauty. If lucky you may even get to see the epic Northern Lights from here.

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Albarracin , Spain

Photo Credit- Francis Raher

4.. Albarracín, Spain

Albarracin gives you a taste of Islamic culture and architecture in Spain. The ancient Alcázar Fortress and the Andador Tower were built in the 10th century. Here you get to see a number of old monuments and that will take you to the medieval ages.

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5.. Cong, Ireland

Admire the landscape of this lovely village that features calm lakes, abbeys and green meadows. The stone bridges add to the beauty of Cong. It is also home to the old Ashford Castle, and a few churches.

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6.. Bled, Slovenia

Situated on Lake Bled, Bled is a small town in Slovenia. The glacial Lake Bled and the Bled Castle are its two most important attractions. If you plan to visit his place, don’t miss the vanilla and cream pastry at Hotel Park.

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Guarda in Switzerland

Photo Credit- stefanrohrbach

7.. Guarda Switzerland

Towering mountains, lush green surroundings, is what greets you to this Alpine village. Traditional paintings adorn the houses of this isolated town this is the only place where you can find the locals talking in Romansh, an ancient language on the verge of extinction.

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8.. Giethoorn, Netherlands

Often called the Venice of the North, Giethoorn is a serene village that welcomes you with its canals and rustic pleasures. It was an auto free zone at one point of time. Even today boats remain the major means of transport here.

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9.. Cochem, Germany

Cochem lies on the banks of Moselle River. Half-timbered houses tiny adorable cottages adorn this beautiful village. Go to the Moselle Valley that are known for its vineyards and get to taste some delicious white wine.

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10.. Tellaro, Italy

Tellaro is supposed to be the most beautiful Italian village. Situated on mountain on the eastern coast of Gulf of La Spenzia, this beautiful village has terrific scenic beauty. The vast water bodies along with pastel colored buildings form a gorgeous setting that will make you fall in love.

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