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Enthralling Nightlife in Bangkok, Thailand

The Thai capital of Bangkok is already pretty famous for being one of the hottest holiday destinations of the world and the various features include best sightseeing, awesome shopping destinations, fabulous river cruises andmost important the dynamic and the energetic nightlife in Bangkok attracts thousands of couples to the city to live their bets moments of life that they have only thought to get. The nightlife of Bangkok can make you forget the rest of the world with their splendid bars, discothèques and pubs and that can really make the couples go grooving in the night to search for more fun and entertainments that will be dedicated to their love and only to their company. The bets nightlife in Bangkok can be experienced in many of its popular clubs and pubs those are particularly known for their music and drinks and more entertaining options and thus they can nice options in Sukhumvit, Silom and other places. The couples can go wilder to adult themed clubs in Potpongand Soi Cowboy, so everything will be there but the couples have to choose them according to their moods.

Best Nightlife Activities in Bangkok

sirocco rooftop bangkok

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A Starry Experience at a Rooftop bar

Rooftop bars are one of the most gorgeous and enthralling experience to be enjoyed in Bangkok and this should definitely enjoyed by the couples who are here to experience the sparkling nightlife in Bangkok. They can order for the best cocktails of their choice and can enjoy the sparkling view of the city from above 50 or more floors of any posh 5 star hotels or any particular rooftop bar that can be one of the best things to remember and the couples can reach the sky of their romance while being there. And the best part is that the most roof top bars have special dress code that is funny so get ready for a thrilling affair.

Lady Boys Show in Bangkok

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Enjoying the shows of Lady Boys

The lady boys who are also called as Katoeyes are one of the prime attractions of nightlife in Bangkok and people run in huge numbers to see them. They are extremely beautiful and the spectators will have to work really hard with their brains and eyes to make them believe that they are not girls. These beauties dance well to the music and dressed in traditional costumes of Thailand and they are having petite figure and lovely gestures that will never fail to impress you. With the use of advance cosmetic surgery these lady boys can make you believe that they are indeed more beautiful that the real girls.

JJ Green Market in Bangkok

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Visiting Night Markets

Bangkok night markets would be one of the best places to enjoy the nightlife in the city and the couples should not stay behind while discovering them. Some of the popular ones are the Suan Lum Night Bazaar located in Ratchadaroad where more than 1,800 shops, restaurants and abundant of entertainment options are awaited for the couples to enjoy, the couples can also visit the Chatuchak Friday Night Market, Rot Fai Night Market, Asiatique  and many others. These markets are not only good for cheap shopping but can also be a heven for the street food lovers to enjoy local cuisines.

Night Clubs in Bangkok

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The Eccentric Night Clubs of Bangkok

There are ample of clubs in Bangkok and clubbing is no new thing in this city, so it is pretty obvious for the couples to participate in clubbing to enjoy the world’s best music and the best DJs to make your dark nights more colorful and fantasying. So the couples who are in the city to have delighted honeymoon can definitely take a stroll to some of the very popular nightclubs in the city such as Ce la Vi Lounge, Demo, Grease, and many others, and here you would be asked to produce your ID proof and make sure to deliver it and keep it with you.

Siam Niramit Cultural Show

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Enjoying the Siam Niramit Cultural Show

The cultural show is based on the ancient novel and that is why you can enjoy some of the best shows that is represented in just one and half hour depicting the country’s the most fascinating culture which is more than 700 years old and presented in a captivating way that describes, the customs and traditions of Thailand. The show is certified by the Gunnies Books of World Records and arranged in the huge 2,000 seated of Ratchada Theatre where the couples will really have a great time and watch the three acts that presents with the name of Journey Back into History, Journey Beyond Imagination and The Three Realms and Journey Through Joyous Festivals.

mandarin oriental bangkok

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A Romantic Dinner in a Five Star Hotel

The couples who are here for their honeymoon holidays will love to have a romantic candle light dinner with their partners in any of the posh restaurants to experience the lavish nightlife of Bangkok. The posh restaurants will provide the best food and ambience where the couples will have the best of their romantic holidays in the city and they can have the best Thai food or they can have the continental cuisines too, to make their nights remembering and food is one such thing where people can come closer and talk to each other more cordially, so couples should not miss it.

Saxophone Club in Bangkok

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Enjoying the Jazz Live Nights of Bangkok

Indeed The best nightlife in Bangkok can be experienced in a naughty way and there are some very cool Jazz bars where the couples can enjoy the best music and food together. The jazz bars are enough smart and dedicated to their customers where the couples will get the best of their services to enjoy their nights and some of the primary one are the Saxophone Club, Brown Sugar, Bamboo Bar and Jazz happens and these are one of the best places where the couples can enjoy the best cocktails and wines and that is why these are one of the best experiences to be enjoyed.

Muay Thai Live Show

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Muay Thai Live Show

The Thai show is the best one of the nightlife of Bangkok where the couples will love to see something new representing the entertaining performances with the ancient martial art of Muay Thai boxing. This could be great for theatre people, and any other ones who is eager to explore the beauty of Thai culture, that is presented in a 90 minute show. The show is a beautiful one and can leave you spellbinding and , the couples will love it where the men and women both present with some of the sharp moves of self-defense of the country style.

Calypso Cabaret Show at Asiatique Riverfront

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Enjoying Cabarets and Night Shows

The couples can enjoy unlimited ways of night shows that are being presented in the country’s capital and these are one of the best experiences one should enjoy.  Not only the naught cabaret shows but the couples can enjoy the beautiful and lovely Aksra Puppet Show and the Asiatique cabaret where people are dressed in local and traditional way and the couples can enjoy the calypso and the lady boys shows that are presented in a unique way and indeed the couples will enjoy them. These glamorous nights will surely make your nights colorful and glitzy to have more fun in the city.

GO GO Bars in Bangkok

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The Naughty GO GO Bars

These are found in dozens in the city of Bangkok and the ocuples who are looking for naught nights in Bangkok should not miss it. These go go bars are the best ones to get the best experiences of adult thesmed entertainments and mostly found in the red light district of Bangkok i.e. the Potpong, Soi Cowboy, and Nana Plaza and here the people who are naughtier will get all kinds of fun and drinks that they can think of and the couples can visit these places to see the girls with skimpy clothes asking for you to buy them a drink.

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