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Nightlife in Havana, Cuba

Havana is the capital city of Cuba and it is one of the best tourist destinations of the world. Havana used to be the best tourist destinations for the Caribbean's and the city has a number of museums and other buildings where the tourists love to spend their holidays. The city is also a perfect destination for the couples who are here for their honeymoon holidays and they can really have a good time where they can spend their nightlife in thrill and energy. The couples can have a wide array of bars, discotheques, and nightclubs where they can have their best time while dancing and enjoying music and they can also enjoy good food and drinks over here and they can really have a good time in the places where they can enjoy with their partner and they can also groove on the music of the DJs who will play their best music to enjoy and they can enjoy the entire night with each other's company with fun and thrill.


This is among most expensive night clubs of Havana and the couples can really have their time spend in a new world of ecstasy and thrill. Right from the scintillating cabaret to music to the costumes everything is considered as a perfect in the place and the couples must visit this place if they are really looking for a night filled with music, grooving dance floor and lights which are dazzling their eyes. The glittering environment will also cater you with the finest wines and drinks too.


Located in the beautiful hotel of Hotel Nacional the nightclub is especially known for its extraordinary cabaret performances and the couples can really spend their best night out here. The couples can also enjoy the best food, the exotic hotel garden which makes you feel really cool and the club also make the best ambience for you to enjoy the best nights in Havana.

Club Karachi

If you are really looking out for a Cuban experience then you should not miss this place as this is a place where you can have the wild experience of hip hop music, and R&B and the place is really what you are looking for and it also makes sure that you are having the best time on the dance floor as the DJ of the club is really good. The club is indeed a small one but it can let you have your best time in theclub and tHavahe bar is really a cheaper one to have fun and good drinks.

Club Imagenes

This is also one of the best nightclubs where you can get the best environment to enjoy with your partner and you can really have the best environment to dance with your loved one and the club will let you listen to good music while relaxing in the place and the club will also offer the best drinks according to your taste.

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