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Okinawa: Snapshot

Best time to visit Okinawa:
March, April, May, June, July, October, November,

Okinawa romantic honeymoon destination is also famous for : Adventure, Beach, City, Island, Peaceful, Popular, Secluded, Water Sports,

Okinawa Island are an island group in the country of Japan that lies in the Okinawa prefecture and are the main island group of the prefecture and also the popular honeymoon destinations. Located between the Amami Islands of Kagoshima Prefecture and the Sakishima Islands of Okinawa Prefecture, Okinawa Islands are part of the larger Ryukyu Islands group. Okinawa Island also known as Okinawa-honto is the largest of all islands of Okinawa Islands and the main tourist attraction in the Okinawa prefecture. The blue sea surrounding Okinawa Islands are considered among the world's most beautiful with coral reefs and abundant marine wildlife.

There are plenty of small and beautiful other islands in the Okinawa Islands other than the largest Okinawa-honto. Some others one in the group are Kumejima, Agunijima, lejima, lheya-lzena islands, Kerama Islands and Yokatsu Islands. The city of Naha in the Okinawa Island is the largest city in Okinawa Islands and the capital city of Okinawa prefecture. Out of all these islands, Okinawa island is the most accessible and established tourism destination but for travelers looking for an isolated and unspoiled natural islands, other islands are an enthralling experience to the visitors. Apart from the relaxing on the beaches and sightseeing options, Okinawa Islands are also popular for its excellent water sports activities opportunities including snorkeling and scuba diving.

Okinawa Island as Honeymoon Destination (Romantic Getaways)

Every couple dreams of their honeymoon in some very beautiful and breathtaking destination with scenic natural scenery and sightseeing coupled with some exciting activities to do. Honeymoon in Okinawa Islands in Japan offers such beautiful and breathtaking island destinations with breathtakingly beautiful beaches and crystal clear water, exciting and adventurous water sports activities, exotic marine wildlife and other cultural and heritage sightseeing options as well. The main Okinawa Island (aka Okinawa honto) is the primary attraction in Okinawa Islands with options of beautiful beaches, Hiji Waterfall, Hedo Misaki, various adventurous and theme parks such as Ocean Expo Park, Nago Pineapple park and plenty of cultural and heritage sightseeing options such as Shuri Castle, Shikinaen Garden, Nakijin Castle, Ryukyu Mura, Nakagusuku Castle etc.

Located at about 90 kms west of Okinawa Island (Okinawa honto), Kumejina is another beautiful island of the Okinawa Islands that is often visited for romantic getaways and honeymoon trips. Like elsewhere in Okinawa, the beaches of Kumejima, snorkeling and diving are among the principal attractions while on your honeymoon in Okinawa Islands. Hatenohama beach is the most popular beach of the island with beautiful white sand beach and crystal clear beach. If you want a more private beach vacation, then the beaches of Kumejina are ideal option for you as they are much less crowded than the beaches in Okinawa honto. Some of the primary beach attractions of the Kumejina Island are Ara Beach, Eef Beach and Shinri Beach and these are good sites for water sports activities such as Snorkeling and diving.

Why Visit Okinawa Island as Romantic Getaways?

  • Beautiful beaches of main Okinawa Island (aka Okinawa honto) such as Manza Beach, Moon Beach, Okuma Beach, Mibaru Beach, Zampa Beach, Sunset Beach
  • Beautiful beaches of Kumejina Island such including Hatenohama beach, Ara Beach, Eef Beach and Shinri Beach.
  • Water sports activities primarily Snorkeling and Scuba diving opportunities at Cape Maeda, Odo Kaigan in Okinawa Island and Hatenohama beach, Ara Beach, Eef Beach and Shinri Beach in Kumejina Island.
  • Other various popular sightseeing attractions in Okinawa Island (aka Okinawa honto) such as Sefa Utaki, Katsuren Castle, Hiji Waterfall, Ocean Expo Park, Nakijin Castle etc.
  • Other attractions in Kumejina Island such as Uegusuku Castle, Tatami Ishi Rocks, Torinokuchi Rock etc.

Best Time to Visit Okinawa Island

All the islands of Okinawa has a subtropical climate and experiences a mild weather all round the year with not so cool winters and rainy season in late springs.

Best Season: March to July and October to November
Summers: March to June
Winters: December to February
Rainy Season: May to June
Typhoon Season: June to November

Okinawa Island in Japan

Okinawa Island in Japan

Okinawa in Japan by Darthmauldds

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