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Places for Shopping in Langkawi, Malaysia

Langkawi is indeed a great destination where people from all over the world come to visit the pristine beaches, evergreen tropical forests, and exclusive tourist destinations. But apart from all these excitements, the best part of Langkawi is its duty free shopping that allows its tourists to get the best of their shopping experiences and that is more enjoyable because it is duty free and Langkawi can serve its tourist as one of gorgeous places where duty free shopping provided. There are many shopping malls in Langkawi and many street markets where the tourist can get the best of their shopping experiences and fill up their bag, so it will be no wrong in saying that it is the icing on the cake if a gorgeous tourist destination like Langkawi is having the best shopping areas to offer. Tourists also shop for handmade and exclusive souvenirs that are only found in this lovely Malaysian island so if you do not have any reason to fly to Langkawi this could be one of the major ones.

Best Places for Shopping in Langkawi

Teow Soon Huat in Langkawi

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Teow Soon Huat (Duty Free Shopping)

This is one of the most visited shopping malls in Langkawi where tourist can shop for complete duty free articles, right from electronics, to apparels to groceries and tobacco. The couples who are here for their honeymoon trip would find this place an absolute fun and yet discover. The couples can buy the best gifts for their relatives and parents and they can also buy for some exclusive baby products to toys if they are going for a family planning soon, so whatever will be in their mind they can fill it in their bags. So couples who are having a vacation wedding should give the place a try.

Jetty Point Shopping Complex in Langkawi

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Jetty Point Shopping Complex (Duty Free Shopping)

This shopping complex is located in the main Ferry Terminal of Kuah Jetty and this is a two story building and again this is a place where the tourists can enjoy duty free shopping. So couples who are discovering Langkawi through ferry or boat can have a nice trip to shopping and which is for less. There are ample of shopping items that can be bought from the building and those will include cosmetics, perfumes, baby items, confectioneries, sportswear, cigarettes, and much more. And the best part of this shopping complex is the presence of the food joints like KFC, and other cafes where the couples can have a nice brunch.

Coco Valley in Langkawi

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Coco Valley

This market is a part of the Underwater Market in Langkawi and the coco valley is a massive world of Cocoa and the couples will love the place as it has some of the relishing cocoa products. Right from the chocolates, which will be a sweet treat to your partner to other products such as wines, champagne and whiskeys are also available here. But the chocolates are found in duty free price like other parts in Langkawi. So the couples can enjoy shopping some of the best champagnes for them and they can celebrate their romantic trip in this beautiful tropical island of Langkawi.

temoyong night market langkawi

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Temoyong Night Market

This night market is just exclusive and one should get into it positively whenever they land in Langkawi. This night market is an exclusive experience that will be consist of local products of Malaysia and also will include the local souvenirs such as clothes, tinkles, hats and fresh foods and vegetables in the colorful stalls that light up the darkness. Couples can also have a nice time tasting eh local delicacies here such as fried noodles and fish crackers and the couples can also enjoy shopping along with tasting the street delicacies and the complete tours will be filled with excitement and fun.

Langkah Tuah Enterprise in Langkawi

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Langkah Tuah Enterprise

There is loads of tourist who only come to Langkawi to enjoy the very best of shopping and they shop in this place for numerous things that include shoes, bags, apparels, electronics, cosmetics and other beauty products. But the main thing which is sold here very generously is the Malay medicines which are very good for various skin and health ailments and also the tourists can shop for the Malay Batik shirts which are very famous in Langkawi and definitely looks cool. The shopping center is just a few minutes’ walk from the Pantai Cenang beach and the couples can enjoy nice shopping here.

The Zon Shopping Paradise in langkawi

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The Zon Shopping Paradise

The Zon Shopping paradise is again a duty free shopping complex which is located in the gorgeous locality of Pantai Cenang. The place is notable for its wide array of alcoholic drinks and the couples who are looking to give this place a try can definitely get some international and best brands of chocolates and confectioneries here. There are ample of things to buy for and thus, the couples can get the best chance to shop for sunglasses, luggage, bags etc. The shopping complex is also having loads of pastry shops and bakeries so the couples can also have a sweet treat here.

Cenang Mall in Langkawi

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Cenang Mall

This mall is also located in the Pantai Cenang beach area and this shopping complex is really lavish and has a pharmacy, a supermarket, along with a wide number of restaurants and local retail shops. The couples can shop for many souvenirs and thus they can shop for many articles here. The shopping can be a relaxing point for those couples who are not looking to roam under the afternoon sun thus they can have a nice chatting over the nice restaurants while they can shop for some nice articles too. The couples can also try the Japanese restaurant here.

Atma Alam Batik Village

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Atma Alam Batik Village

The couples can have one of the best experiences in shopping in Langkawi which is a batik center which is specially made to attract tourists and to promote the Batik art in the country. The showroom is filled with the artifacts of the local artists and the couples can definitely find some of the true artwork of the artists based on batik work. The couples can also buy for some nice handicrafts and souvenirs and they can also buy for nice oil paintings along with clothes and shirts. The art center is also having a small café where the couples can enjoy the local Malay delicacies.

Eagle Shoppe in Langkawi

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Eagle Shoppe

This is a nice shopping center in the in Oriental Village in Pantai Kok where the couples can get a nice collection of mementos, handicrafts; batik prints apparels and other assorted articles. The store also has a nice arrangement of cold drinks and snacks, to make the shoppers comfortable. The shoppers can shop for the most valuable article which is the memento of the Dataran Lang or the ‘Eagle taking Flight’ in the Eagle Square which is the epitome of Langkawi tourism. And they should definitely buy it as it can make them remember the Langkawi holidays for life time.

Malay handicrafts

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Cinnamon’s Gift

This is a nice a souvenir place located in Pantai Cenang and the shop has a great collection of ornaments that are inspired by the Malay Art and local handicrafts and the shoppers can get them at a very affordable price. The couples who are looking for some nice interior decorating items and they can get some nice options that are a gorgeous example of Asian artwork. The store of Cinnamon’s Gift is a decent yet stylish place where the couples can shop some of the exceptionally intricately designed necklaces, bracelets, ear pieces, and bags, as well as beautiful batik printed apparels, which will be a worth to invest.

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