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Plano: Snapshot

Best time to visit Plano:
October, November,

Plano romantic honeymoon destination is also famous for : Evolving, Lake, Peaceful,

Plano, a popular city in the Texas state of USA is popular among tourists for its scenic natural beauty, backwaters and local attracts. Among its attractions Arbor Hills Nature Preserve, WhirlyBall/LaserWhirld, Connemara Conservancy, Lake Lavon, Plato's Closet, Studio Movie grill, etc are some of the local attractions of the city. The city has something fo everyone from business travelers to honeymooners every one will be pleased while in Plano.

The city of Plano Luice has achieved great appreciation from travelers and has turned into a paradise for Honeymooners within a short span of time.

Plano as Honeymoon Destination (Romantic Getaway)

Luxury hotels, restaurants, night lifes etc highly delight honeymooners. Stroll through its historic places and experience the architectural beauty of ancient days. Go for shopping downtown, visit its museums or can even visit the wildlife sanctuary. Plano is very popular for its annual Balloon Festival, organized in September each year. If you are in Plano during September, do not miss this romantic occasion , where more than 75,000 people and more than 100 hot air balloons are blown in the sky, consequently naming the city as the “Hot Air Balloon Capitol of Texas,”

Have a romantic candle light dinner in any of its restaurants and relax inside the luxury of your hotel room or can even go out for a romantic moonlight walk with your partner and make your evening even more romantic and gather memories for lifetime.

Why Visit Plano as Romantic Getaway?

  • The variety of events you can enjoy like dining out, enjoying game nights, dinner parties, outdoor activities, attending shows, concerts, and sports events, and other events
  • Sitting by pool and soaking up some rays in the sun

Best Time to Visit Plano

Plano's climate is classified as humid subtropical with hot summers, mild winters and comfortable spring and autumns. While summer days are hot, summer nights can be pleasant. Plano, like most of Texas, enjoys many sunny days throughout the year. Most of the Rainfall occurs during the spring.

Best Season: Winters
Summers: Apr to Sep, hot summers
Winters: Oct to Nov, mild winters
Monsoons: Apr, May, Jun, Oct
Skyline of Plano Texas

Skyline of Plano Texas

Skyline of Plano Texas by wikipedia

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    Mckay Says

    This Plano has a nice nature trail. The Arbor hills are a great trail which includes: mountain biking trail, walking/ running paved trail, walking/ running off road trail. Whirly ball is the place to get delight. The place is a blast. It is great fun. It’s like bumper cars on crack. I highly recommend it for its fun factor, its ability. In all small place with lots of fun and leisure.

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