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Portugal Romantic Azores 10 Day Honeymoon Trip, Portugal

Budget : Standard
Price : On Request
Duration : 9 Nights And 10 Days
Itinerary: Portugal


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Portugal is a beautiful country in Europe situated at the south-west part of it that also includes the small archipelago of The Madeira and Azores in Atlantic Ocean. Portugal has a long past full of stories and known for its captivating landscape, ancient castles, nature parks, secret hide ways, grand rivers and long coastline and old quaint towns scattered around it. This honeymoon package will explore the most beautiful and romantic destinations of Portugal and its autonomous archipelago Azores in Atlantic region. Azores is a destination blessed with the serene natural beauty containing the collection of secluded and most beautiful islands.  This package offers you one of the most refreshing and enjoyable honeymoon trip providing the opportunity for number of adventurous and leisure activities alongside the romantic sightseeing and luxurious accommodation to relax in.

Tour Itinerary

Day 1: Lisbon / Faial

Arrival in Horta, and pick up of your car at Ilha Verde Rent-a-Car desk in the airport (airport tax to be paid directly on the counter). Drive to your hotel, and set to discover the Island with the most ideal port of welcome for the voyaging sailors.
Don’t miss the opportunity to taste the famous Gin Tonic at Peter’s Café. For dinner, and if you’re looking for fresh fish, CAPOTE is the place! Accommodation at your hotel.

Day 2: Capelinhos Volcano & Caldeira
Breakfast at the hotel.

Once you had breakfast, take the coastal road. Passing Castelo Branco, you’ll find Varadouro – a magnificent bay with natural thermal fountains and pools. We suggest you to admire this beautiful place and to have a relaxing walk. For lunch, we recommend you to choose one of the local restaurants. Continue to Capelinhos area, where the landscape was completely changed with village houses and fields covered with volcanic ash from the time of the sea volcanic eruptions of 1957-58. Visit the local exhibition. Last step will be to visit Caldeira, located in the central part of Island. Before you return to Horta, we suggest you to stop at Mira- douro da Espalamaca, the most beautiful view over Horta and its su- rroundings. Accommodation at your hotel.

Day 3: Faial / Pico / Faial (by boat)
Breakfast at the hotel

Today we invite you to visit Pico Island. After you leave Horta Harbor and during 30 minutes you will make the boat trip from Faial to Pico Island. Arrival at Madalena and pick up of your car at the Harbor with Ilha Verde Rent-a-Car. In the morning visit to Arcos do Cachorro and then continue to São Roque. Don’t miss the chance to visit the old Whales Factory. Continue to an inner road and cross the Island to Lagoa do Capitão and then to Lajes. You’ll be surprised with the beauty and simplicity of this little village by the sea. Would be the ideal spot for a relaxing lunch. The Whalers Museum it’s something really special. Return to Madalena by the south road. On the way back you must visit a Cheese Factory at São João village. Drop off your car at Mada- lena Harbor and take your boat to return to Horta. Accommodation at your hotel.

Day 4: Faial / Terceira

After the breakfast and depending on flight schedule, drop off the car at the airport at the desk of Ilha Verde Rent-a-Car and get your flight to Terceira Island. The history of Terceira Island is reflected by Angra do Heroísmo , the first European city founded in the Atlantic and which has been awarded world heritage status by UNESCO. Arrival at Terceira, and pick up of your car at Ilha Verde Rent-a-Car desk in the airport (airport tax to be paid directly on the counter). Drive to your hotel and if you have time enough, have a walk at Angra do Heroísmo.
For your dinner, don’t miss the chance to taste the typical dish “Fun- ção em Louvor do Divino Espirito Santo” at QUINTA DO MARTELO. Accommodation at your hotel.

Day 5: Terceira

After breakfast leave to Monte Brasil and stop at Miradouro Pico das Cruzinhas – the most beautiful view over the city and the outskirts. Continue through the eastern side of the Island till you get São Se- bastião. There the parish church built in gothic style is one of the ol- dest of the Azores. Inside the church you must observe the old “frescos”.
Then drive to Praia da Vitória. Obviously, this should be the place for lunch – naturally we recommend you to have fish. After lunch, drive to Serra do Cume, with a beautiful view over Praia da Vitória and its bay. Your next stop should be at Caldeira de Guilherme Moniz, a crater with 15 kilometers perimeter and the largest at the archipelago. Drive to Algar do Carvão (opened from May to September) and don’t miss the chance to visit its caves with 100 meters deep and curious geolo- gical formations and a beautiful lake. Once you’ve finished, continue to Biscoitos. There the Wine Museum is waiting for you. Don’t miss the chance to have a short walk on the natural swimming pools area. Angra do Heroísmo it’s the right place for dinner. Accommodation at your hotel.

Day 6: Terceira / S. Miguel (Furnas)

Breakfast at the hotel. Depending on flight schedule, drop off the car at the airport at the desk of Ilha Verde Rent-a-Car and get your flight to São Miguel Is- land. Set within the confines of a wide inlet, Ponta Delgada is the tou- rist heart of São Miguel. Arrival at Ponta Delgada, and pick up your car at Ilha Verde Rent-a-Car desk in the airport (airport tax to be paid directly on the counter). Drive to your hotel at Furnas. We suggest you to go by the south road, passing by Vila Franca do Campo. Visit the Mother Church and take your time having one of the local pastries such as ‘Queijadas da Vila” in Jaime. Accommodation at your hotel.

Day 7: Furnas / Nordeste

After a good breakfast, you’re ready. This morning we suggest you to leave your car at the otel and go on a walk to visit Furnas Valley. At the area of the hot-springs you can observe volcanic phenomena. Furnas Valley with its 22 diffe- rent thermal springs it’s one of the richest hydrologic areas of Europe. Now you must visit the Botanical Park of Terra Nostra Hotel. Once there, don’t miss the chance to take a bath at its natural thermal swimming pool. You’ll feel like you’re in haven. After that, go to your hotel and pick up your car. It’s time to go to Caldeiras, to watch the re- moval of the “Cozido” lunch, which had been buried and cooked for 6 hours by the heat of the volcanic heart. At a local restaurant you can taste this typical gastronomic delight.
Now, it’s time to leave Furnas. Take the road to Povoação and then to Nordeste. Accommodation at your hotel.

Day 8: Nordeste / Ponta Delgada

Nordeste in an interesting and picturesque village at the East end of the Island and it’s known as the most flowery county at the Azores. Visit the local Museum where you can see a rich collection of local ethnographic objects, such as agricultural tools and instruments used in the traditional pig butchering. After that go to visit Casa de Trabalho do Nordeste, where traditional handicrafts including embroidery are made. Go and see Miradouro da Ponta da Madrugada, where only birds can be heard. Before lunch, drive down to the Ponta do Arnel and don’t miss the chance to take a bath on the clear waters of this old fishing port. On the return to Ponta Delgada, by the north road, you must stop to visit a Tea Factory and Tea Plantations – Gorreana. The Azores are the only place in Europe where Tea can grow. Next stop at Miradouro de Sta. Iria.
Accommodation at your hotel.

Day 9: Ponta Delgada / Sete Cidades / Lagoa do Fogo / Ponta Delgada

Once you have your breakfast taken, drive to Fajã de Baixo, in the outskirts of Ponta Delgada, to visit Pineapple Plantations and to prove its delicious liqueur. After that, we invite you to visit Vista do Rei at Sete Cidades, to observe this legendary scenery. It will remind you of stories with princes and princesses already forgotten in the lake’s depth.
Now it’s time to return to Ponta Delgada, and then drive to Ribeira Grande just in time for lunch. ALA BOTE it’s the right place. Leaving Ribeira Grande, new places to be found. One of the most beautiful places at the Azores is for sure Lagoa do Fogo. Continue to the vi- llage of Lagoa for a visit to the Ceramic Factory.
Accommodation at your hotel.

Day 10: Delgada – S. Miguel / Lisbon. Breakfast at the hotel.

Time to go back – drive to the airport, drop off the car and ‘Adeus, até breve’!

Price: EUR 1200 per person
Duration: 9 Nights and 10 Days

Customized Honeymoon Tour Package

If you are not able to make up your mind from any of the tour itinerary or hotels listed above in Portugal Romantic Azores 10 Day Honeymoon Trip, then we can also make changes and provide a customized, tailor-made romantic honeymoon vacations, especially for you. We can modify this package as per your budget, duration as well as the tourist places you’d like to visit or whether airfare should be included or not. This customization helps you make the best out of your honeymoon package with your loved one and keep the candle of romance burning.

Contact us for personalized romantic getaways packages and honeymoon tours.

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