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Romania Destination Wedding

Romania is located in the Balkan Peninsula of the Black Sea. The country is having a great natural beauty of Carpathian Mountains and for rich natural diversity that are spread in the sunflower meadows, decorated monasteries and the Danube Delta and the country is also known for its rich cultural heritage. Romania fascinates its tourists with its picturesque mountain landscapes and pristine scenery parts, and also with its historic cities. This is a large country with a very busy capital and there are some cities are truly Western Europe and the country has picturesque villages which can depict the past culture of the country. The country has significant cultural similarities in its states with other Balkan states; that actually represent a prominent Latin legacy. Romania is also famous for Dacia cars, various kinds of hotels Dracula, stuffed cabbage leaves, fine wines, medieval fortresses which can be important parts of a lavish wedding that can be arranged in the city.

Why to Choose Romania as Destination Wedding ?

  • Romanian cities are filled with fabulous hotels and some of them are prominent ones in Europe as they are famous for luxury and accommodations and they are tourist favorites from all across the globe.
  • The country is also for honeymoon, and the couples can opt for the boutique hotels and there are hip hotels making your honeymoon a memorable one they are significantly recognized as the most luxurious hotels in Romania.

Best Destination Wedding Locations in Romania

Ana Hotels, Poiana Brasov

This is an elegant space to celebrate you wedding and the Ballroom and the reception venue of this place is really commendable as its represent the true luxury of Romania through its décor, flower arrangements, food and wine and other amenities. The reception hall can accommodate up to 200 guests and the hotel also has the most romantic arrangements for the most romantic night for the couples.

Ana Hotels Poiana Brasov Wedding

Ana Hotels Poiana Brasov Wedding

Athenee Palace Hilton, Bucharest

One of the exotic locations of Romania settled in its beautiful capital city and the hotel is a real excellence in terms of presentation of wedding and your event will really a great affair with the best ballroom and the dinner which will be prepared by the world known chefs and you can also get a customized menu as per your choices. The décor and the flower arrangements will mesmerize all the spectators and your guests will love the lush garden of the hotel that will be beautifully arranged by a professional wedding planner.

Athenee Palace Hilton Bucharest hotel Wedding Venue

Athenee Palace Hilton Bucharest hotel Wedding Venue

Hotel Sunny Hill, ClujNapoca

This is again a unique hotel which is having a beautiful reception hall with some of the unique presentations and arrangements to be served to the couples and their guests will be treated as the best people and the guest will love the experience over here.

Hotel Ramada, Oradeahe best

This is an extraordinary place which is located near Emanuel Baptist Church and the hotel has the best luxuries to offer to the couples and their guests and the hotel will not be lesser in terms of providing the amenities compared to a high star hotel.

Hotel Ramada - Oradeahe best wedding venue

Hotel Ramada – Oradeahe best wedding venue

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