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Romantic Places in Anchorage, USA

Anchorage has various attractions and more than enough activities on offer. For couples, the city has plenty of adventures activities that keep you closer to one another in the arms of nature lavish with salubrious climatic conditions and pristine views. Couples can enjoy hiking, trekking, fishing, a magical view of midnight sun, etc in the National Park in summer season while in winters appreciate skiing, snowmobiling.

If you have visited Anchorage for your honeymoon or as a romantic getaway then we have listed some of the spots for love & romance in Anchorage. You can also plan to visit these place to make your valentine day special as well.

List of Romantic Tourist Destinations in Anchorage

Alaskan Botanical Garden

The Alaska Botanical Garden is a public garden committed upgrading the magnificence and esteem of plant material. Each of the garden plant was composed with a purpose or theme in mind.

Alaskan Botanical Garden

Alaskan Botanical Garden. src:flickr,ron

Chugach State Park

Chugach State Park is the third biggest state park in Anchorage, and Alaska’s most accessible outdoor recreation area. Couples spend some romantic moments with each other during the day time as it’s a minor minutes from downtown Anchorage.

Chugach State Park

Chugach State Park. Src:raybulson

Anchorage Museum

The Anchorage Museum is “a world-class museum situated in the heart of Alaska’s largest city”. Hear entrancing stories and watch dances of Alaska’s first people. The Museum additionally exhibits a full calendar of open projects and art classes.

Anchorage Museum at Night

Anchorage Museum at Night. Src:flickr,ketron

Ginger Restaurant

Ginger restaurant is the famous and the most romantic restaurant that sure to cook up a delectable dish in an unforgettable atmosphere. Couples spend their time while having the most delicious dining of Alaska. This beautiful restaurant is located on 5th Avenue and also voted as the Most Romantic Restaurant in Anchorage.

Flattop Mountain

Flattop is known for its surrounding views of Anchorage and the surrounding areas. Flattop is an extremely famous area for hiking, climbing, berry picking, paragliding, and back country skiing. Likewise it’s the most accessible mountain to Anchorage.

Flattop Mountain summit

Flattop Mountain summit. Src:flickr,shaun

H2Oasis Indoor Water park

H2Oasis is an Indoor Water park located in Anchorage. H2Oasis Water Park is a part of a larger trend to extend theme park-like entertainment beyond the traditional summer mindset. Couples enjoy rides and swimming here.

H2Oasis Indoor Water park

H2Oasis Indoor Water park.pic:fredrick

Kincaid Park

Kincaid Park is among the most popular parks in Anchorage. Its attraction its size and being able to accommodate variety of users including couples and singles. From Kincaid Park Chalet couples can enjoy wonderful view Cook Inlet and mountains. Romantic Couples on their nice clear sunny day can see Denali.

 Kincaid Park

Kincaid Park.src:flickr,eewolf

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