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Romantic Places in California, USA

California has lots of romantic destinations. From the stunning coastline to the ravishing city views, the romantic getaways in California offer everything. There are beaches, mountains, deserts, and forests. With such an assorted scene, there are numerous mixtures of outside exercises. The best California dates may take you to the shore to watch a sunset.

If you have visited California for your honeymoon or as a romantic getaway then we have listed some of the spots for love & romance in California. You can also plan to visit these place to make your valentine day special as well.

List of Top Romantic Tourist Places in California

Big Sur

Big Sur is a peaceful romantic getaway in California with dazzling beachfront views. It is located on the precipices over the ocean; the Post Ranch Inn is known to be a standout amongst the romantic getaway areas in the world. Couples enjoy the views from Sierra Mar at Post Ranch while enjoying their favorite food.

Big Sur

Big Sur in California. src:flickr,amy

Catalina Island

With a charming, walk able downtown, lovely ocean views, at home quaint little inn and amazing Inn on Mt Ada, it’s all about a romantic date for couples that adds more love and memories to their romantic date.

Pebble Beach

Pebble beach gives California’s best beachfront view, beachcombing and further more a bagpiper at nightfall. Pebble Beach is a little beachfront resort terminus and home to the famous golf course.

Pebble Beach

Couples enjoying sunset at Pebble Beach. src:flickr,tor


Mendocino County has tough coastline, stunning beaches, beautiful villages, grand redwood forests, and America’s Greenest Wine Region. It’s a place where you’ll find memorable bluffs and smashing waves. The joys here are mostly simple; couples can take a walk in woods or on beach, can take spa to make their romantic date more lovable and exciting.

Venice Beach

Venice Beach is regarded as having an amusing and energetic boardwalk scene and attracting quirky characters! This is a part of what makes Venice Beach so famous and one of the 10 best California beaches known. You can find craftsmen, open air weight lifters, roller skaters, and belly dancers on the beach, to entertain you that will make your romantic date memorable.

La Jolla

La Jolla is one amongst the most delightful seaside settings in Southern California with fine restaurants and a romantic cliffside strolling makes La Jolla an perfect romantic getaway.

La Jolla coast

La Jolla coast src:flickr,tim

Santa Monica Pier

The Santa Monica Pier is situated in Santa Monica in California. The Pier offers lots of activities that will keep you and your partner occupied for hours. The Santa Monica Pier Aquarium is great choice for a romantic date for couples to stop by while you are on The Pier.

Santa Monica Pier

Santa Monica Pier src:flickr,lasergod

Golden Gate Bridge

Not many things are more romantic than walking across this famous Golden Gate Bridge with your partner. Click some photograph of you and your cherished one against this dazzling scenery. The bridge is open throughout sunlight hours to walkers.

Golden Gate Bridge

Couple on bench overlooking Golden Gate Bridge src:flickr,charlie

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