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Romantic Places in Florence, Italy

Famous for its history, culture and architectural heritage, Florence is also regarded as “The Athens of Middle Ages”. Declared a World heritage Site by UNESCO in 1982 and ranked as one of the most beautiful cities in the World by UNESCO itself. The city of Florence as also ranked as the third most favorite tourist destination in the World by the Travel Leisure magazine readers in 2010. The irresistible romantic charm and serene beauty of this place makes it one of the most romantic destinations in the World. Apart from the man made as well as natural allure of this place, Florence also offers World-class luxury hotels and some of the most delicious of cuisines, to make this place, a destination perfect for your romantic getaway.

List of Best Romantic Places in Florence

Here are some of the best tourist romantic destination to visit in Florence City. Enjoy the world class artistic treasures or stroll down the streets for some of teh world class fashion stores for which it has been ranked in the top 50 fashion capitals of the world.

Boboli Gardens

The astonishing beauty of the Boboli gardens is sure to mesmerize you with its first look itself. This romantically beautiful garden is a part of the Pitti Palace in Florence. The Boboli garden is full of romantic landscapes and serene escapes with many interesting sculptures behind the Pitti Palace. You can stroll through for hours or be seated at a bench in a quiet corner with your loved one and whisper sweet nothings to each other.

Florence View from Boboli Gardens.

Florence View from Boboli Gardens by Eugen Naiman

Ponte Vecchioe

Ponte Vecchio is a beautiful Medieval stone closed-spandrel segmental arch bridge over the Arno River, in Florence. The bridge is an ideal setting to spend a romantic evening, hand in hands with your loved one, right above the pristine waters of Arno River. Your trip to Florence is incomplete as long as you do not take a visit as this charming spot in the city. Moreover, the presence of many musicians, portraitists and other entertainers constantly creates a vibrant atmosphere on the bridge.

Palazzo Strozzi’s

A true art-lovers’ destination, the Palazzo Strozzi’s museum exhibits both contemporary and historic arts by Italian as well as international artists. Apart from the rich cultural and architectural beauty on offer, this place is also home to a very serene environment and peaceful ambience, just what you look for while being with your loved one. One of the most beautiful Florentine palaces and a splendid example of Renaissance architecture, the Palazzo Strozzi welcomes you with all its charm, for a pleasant and romantic day out with your loved one.

Bardini Garden

A secret paradise of natural beauty, the Bardini Garden is much of an undiscovered gem in Florence. Located on a hilltop location, the garden offers picturesque landscape views of Florence city, which are best enjoyed in the blooming seasons of summers and springs. Located in absolute proximity with the Boboli gardens, the Bardini garden is easily accessible. May be not as popular as Boboli Gardens but this place is surely more quiet and secluded that Boboli Gardens and hence is a perfect romantic getaway for peace and serenity lovers in Florence.

City center of Florence

In daytime, may be this place is a bit noisy and busy with the rush of city, but the City center of Florence is truly a treat to be at in the night. The night life of Florence is at its full charm and vibrancy peak at the city center. Apart from the street festivals and lively local markets, even a simple walk around the main sights of city center with your loved one is one of the uniquely pleasant experiences you will have in your Florence trip. The historic buildings around are lit at night, which in turn makes up for some mesmerizing views, especially those of the Palazzo Vecchio.

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