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Romantic Places in Guatemala, Guatemala

Guatemala is a country that exhibits a rich cultural heritage. It was a part of the Mayan Civilization and has a Number of tourist attractions. It is hilly area with small desert and sand dune patches and mountainous valleys that makes it a beautiful landscape. Guatemala calls for a wonderful holiday destination for those who are in a lookout for mountains, deserts, rivers and an urban life. There are a lot of tourist spots to be explored while you stay in Guatemala. Here is an outline of the best attractions of Guatemala.

Romantic Places Every Couple Must See in Guatemala

Antigua Guatemala

Photo Credit – Jasperdo


Based on Latin American town planning, this city is divided into grids. Some of the most important buildings here are, the Palace of the Captains General, the Casa de la Moneda, and the Cathedral, the Universidad de San Carlos, Las Capuchinas, La Merced and Santa Clara.

El mirador ruins Guatemala

Photo Credit – Dennis Jarvis

El Mirador

This is a pre Columbian Mayan settlement. There are a number of "triadic" structures that consists large artificial platforms mounted with a set of 3 summit pyramids. The most noticiable structures are three huge complexes. El Tigre, La Danta and Los Monos.

Flores, Guatemala

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Flores is located on an island in Lake Peten. Red-roofed buildings, narrow cobblestone streets, a historic church, Spanish plaza, and tiny restaurants all around the city make this a beautiful place to visit. It is a very quiet and peaceful place and best for those who have come to relax themselves.

Tikal Guatemala

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It is the ruins of the very old Mayan city and is situated in the rainforest of Guatemala. This city is home to many temples, palaces, and public squares. The Tikal Temple is 47 meters. In 1979 it was declared a world heritage site by UNESCO.

Parque Central Quetzaltenan

Photo Credit – Roberto Urrea

Parque Central Quetzaltenango

Trimmed trees, shrubs and walkways of the plaza, central pillar and trademark circular stone "kiosk” makes this a beautiful and quiet place. Colonial and neoclassical structures on all sides of the park point towards historic background.

Chichicastenango Guatemala

Photo Credit – Doron Derek Laor


This place is known for the traditional Maya Culture. It is well known for its markets. Local fabrics, textiles, clothing, masks, wood-crafted items, pottery and even fireworks are sold at this place.

Lake Atitlan

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Lake Atitlan

It is a Volcanic Lake in located in the western highlands of Guatemala. It is often described as the most beautiful Lake in the world. It is the perfect spot to look at the vistas and unwind yourself, away from the urban life.

Santa Catalina Arch

Photo Credit – Daniel Mennerich

Santa Catalina Arch

This is one of the famous spots of Antigua. The arch was built in 17th century and features a clock on top that was added in the 1830’s. It was built for the nuns to pass over the roads without entering the streets.

Monterrico Guatemala

Photo Credit – Magnus Franklin


It is located in the Pacific Coast of Guatemala. It is famous for its black sand beaches and sea turtles that come every year. It is a breeding ground for the turtles and a number of organizations work towards their conservation.

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