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Romantic Places to visit in Houston, USA

Houston, Texas is one fun spot to live or visit. With attractions in abundance, excellent climate, amazingly well disposed people, and bounty to do. Buzzing with vigor and rich in differing qualities, Houston is a dynamic blend of creative energy, ability and five star attractions, all making it an excellent destination city. Home to a vibrant economy, wonderful surroundings, and a population with positive thinking and soul, it’s no big surprise that Houston is even a popular international destination.

If you have visited Houston for your honeymoon or as a romantic getaways then we have listed some of the spots for love & romance in Houston. You can also plan to visit these place to make your valentine day special as well.

List of Top Romantic Destinations in Houston

Mecom Fountains

Sunset in the park with the Mecom Fountains which are magnificent and a stroll in the park might not be finished without them. If you time it simply right you can see the fountains at nightfall and this might be the ideal setting for spending some quality time with your special someone.

Mecom Fountains in Hermann Park

Mecom Fountain in Hermann Park by Texas.713

Bayou Bend Gardens

The gardens at Bayou Bend reflect her cherish of excellence, blooms, and natural woodlands; her passion for history and all things classical; her fastidious eye for detail, extent, and scale; her sharp feeling of color; her active, trial methodology to planting; and her constant particular supervision. All this will make your date special and memorable.

Diana Garden at Bayou Bend

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Moody Gardens Getaway

Moody Gardens Getaway is a perfect place for couples. Take a twist on the Colonel Paddle wheel Boat or splash up the sun and have some good times at wonderful Palm Beach. At that point, getaway to the four-precious stone Moody Gardens Hotel, Spa & Convention Center or an adjacent inn to unwind after your fun-filled day!

Moody Gardens Hotel Pool

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Houston’s stellar Museum

Houston’s stellar Museum District is country really popular place. If your sweetheart is a bit of a bookworm, then take her there to scrutinize the ten historical centers that made the Best Museums in Houston record.

Herman Park

Herman Park is a most romantic spot to go out for a stroll in the park holding hands and pondering your past, present and future with the one you love the most. Pack a cookout lunch with champagne and strawberries and take a moment to spread out a cover or exploit the park seats, gazebo and park tables.

Herman Park in Houston

Herman Park in Houston by William Escobar


Sambuca is a great little spot for couples that happen to enjoy both contemporary jazz and food.

Sambuca Restaurant in Houston

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