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Romantic Places in Oahu, USA

The island of Oahu is ideal for romance, nightlife and fun. If you're arranging a wedding proposal on the sands of Waikiki or at the highest point of Leahi (Diamond Head); reestablishing your promises overlooking a North Shore nightfall or inside at the memorable Kawaiahao Church; reconnecting on the picturesque Nuuanu Pali Lookout or inside one of Oahu's resort spas; seal your romantic getaway with the words, "Aloha Ia Oe," and say "I love you" the Hawaiian way. With such a large number of chances for a romance in Oahu, you'll never know when your next memorable minute together will charmingly astound you.

If you have visited Oahu for your honeymoon or as a romantic getaway then we have listed some of the spots for love & romance in Oahu. You can also plan to visit these place to make your valentine day special as well.

List of Top Romantic Tourist Destination in Oahu

Waikiki Beach

The white sand sunny shore shoreline is the most visited place by couples and vacationers. Couples can spend some romantic moments at this beautiful beach while sharing some love and enjoy the activities at the Wakiki Beach.

Waikiki Beach

Waikiki Beach pic:flickr,ken

Diamond Head

For couples who love endeavor and romance all entwined in you must visit Diamond Head. Jewel Head is the most extremely popular volcanic hole. Couples can climb this wonderful crater. It is not difficult to finish with moderate effort to climbers. Here couples will reveal a 225-foot tunnel and a grand perspective of the west side of the island that extends from Waikki to Koki head.

Diamond Head

Diamond Head pic:flickr,steve

Ka‘ena Point State Park

For an opportunity to encounter the most crude and delightful natural preserve on the island, take off to Ka’ena Point State Park.

Ka'ena Point State Park

Ka’ena Point State Park pic:flickr,sean

Kailua Beach

Leave your shoes at the sunny shore park and walk wonderful Kailua Beach. Begin at Kalama Beach Park amidst the beach, far from the swarms at the main beach park, and walk north to the end of the focus. Revel in the fine white sand and the completely clear water sprinkling on your feet.

Kailua Beach

Kailua Beach pic:flickr,monica

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