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Romantic Places in Poconos, USA

It is no wonder that the place is meant for viewing the natural beauty, and when any honeymoon couple visit the place they can feel the ‘love in the air’ and there are endless places in the city where you can let your love bloom at its best, as the ambiance will create a magical effect where the honeymoon couples will forget the rest of the world.If you have visited Poconos for honeymoon or as a romantic getaways then we have listed some of the spots for love & romance in Poconos.You can also plan to visit these places to make your valentine day special as well.

List of Popular Romantic Places in Poconos

Bushkill Falls

Often mentioned as “The Niagara of Pennsylvania” this falls is a series of eight cascades falling high from the Poconos Mountains and creating a picturesque atmosphere where the couples can feel the passionate vibes of their partner. Set amidst the lush and dense forest with sweet chirping of birds, the Bushkill is one of the golden getaways for a romantic escape. There are some exotic picnic areas as well where the couples can walk through the trails beside the Red, Blue, Yellow and Green Trail and experience the Poconos’ charm more closely.

Bushkill Falls in Pennsylvania

Bushkill Falls in Pennsylvania Anthony Quintano

Paradise Valley

Paradise Valley is a small town of Poconos, creating a nostalgic feeling among the Honeymoon couples where they can feel a home away from home with its timber houses, parks, chapels creating a serene environment. The couples love to spend romantic vacations here in isolation.

Lehigh River

Couples can find them in a paradise where the Lehigh River Flows as the location is awesome and naturally decorated. The untouched lush surroundings around where the river flows through valleys between edges of the Appalachian Mountains and creating a blissful ambiance for the spectators. The upper course of the river is accommodation for numerous whitewater waterfalls and the place supports a wide range of recreational activities where the couples can participate to make their pulse move faster as they can go for kayaking, whitewater rafting, and canoeing.

Lehigh Valley in Poconos

Lehigh Valley in Poconos by Allie_Caulfield

Lake Wallenpaupack

A center for entertainment and fun as the couples can sail together on this Lake which provides boating, facilities swimming, and fishing. The atmosphere is romantic and the couples can get them lose into the beautiful and picturesque locations. The places can be easily reached in the summertime, as well as ice skating and ice fishing can be enjoyed during the winters. Couples can catch trout fishes, catfish and many other species from the lake.

Lake Wallenpaupack

by wikipedia

Poconos Waterpark

A dynamic Water park especially meant for fun, frolic. The couples will have their unforgettable romantic moments spent in this park, for the entire lifetime. The marvelous park provides the best opportunities for the numerous water rides and fun filled activities and the couples will find a wonderland of their dreams where they can do all the fun and romantic activities they have wished for.

Pocono State Park

This beautiful park settled amidst the rugged valleys is known for various outdoor activities and providing the best views of the Pennsylvania and the surroundings. Couples can visit here for a serene holiday where they will find enormous places for sightseeing and the spectacular 300 year old pine tree which spells historical saga and the couples will feel spellbound between the series of cascades.

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