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Romantic Places to see in Churchill, Canada

Churchill is the 'Polar Bear capital of the world'. Every winter thousands of these hurry creatures come to Churchill and make it their home. Summers home thousands of Beluga Whales. You'll find more Beluga Whales than humans in this area during summers. If adventure is what you are looking for then you can even snorkel with these creatures. The best time to visit Churchill is between July and August but if you are interested in Polar Bears then head for Churchill in mid October and November. Places that will lure you in Churchill are listed below.

Top Romantic Places in Churchill

Eskimo Museum

The stuffed polar bear and musk ox, narwhal horns and original hide-covered kayaks grab the attention of all. Tiny arrowheads, big harpoon blades and hundreds of carvings point towards the life of those living in Churchill.

Eskimo Museum, Churchill

Photo Credit – Valerie

Cape Merry

Cape Merry has the remnants of an eighteenth-century gun emplacement and a cairn commemorating Jens Munck. It is an excellent place for seeing Beluga Whales. Bird watchers can spot Harlequin Ducks and King Eiders in this place.

Cape Merry, Churchill

Photo Credit – Nancy Magnusson

Prince of Wales Fort

The Prince of Wales Fort, is one of the most superb stone structures ever built in North America. Situated on the banks of the Churchill River in Northern Manitoba, this star-shaped fortress took more than 40 years to complete.

Prince of Wales Fort Churchill

Photo Credit – Jeangagnon

Fort Churchill

Fort Churchill speaks of the Cold War. Around 3500 small rockets were launched from here on military and scientific missions since 1954. The remains of this Fort is charming as well as creepy.

Fort Churchill

Photo Credit – Jeff Moser

Wapusk National Park

Established to protect polar bear breeding this park is located between boreal forests and arctic tundra. This location is importance for monitoring the effects of climate change.

Polar Bear

Photo Credit – Emma

Miss Piggy

Miss Piggy is a cargo plane that crashed near the town of Churchill in 1979. The plane was left on site because removing it could bring more damage to the environment. It is now a site to visit for sure.

Miss Piggy, Churchill

Photo Credit – Al

Bear Jail

There is a bear jail in Churchill for bears who misbehave. You can view the jail from outside. These bears are released when Hudson Bay freezes over.

Polar Bear Jail

Photo Credit – Al

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