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Romantic Restaurants in Belize, Belize

Belize is great romantic getaway with its white beaches, clean blue water, evergreen forests, beautiful coals it is a perfect place for couples to have some time together with each other. Belize has a number of places where you can go and dine but when we talk about a romantic dinner for two, some places are different from others. Here is a list of the top 10 romantic restaurants in Belize. What is better than a little love? – Love with a little food in belly we would say.

Top 10 most romantic restaurants in Belize

Palmilla restaurant at Victoria House

the Palmilla restaurant is located at one of the most romantic resorts – The Victoria house which automatically makes it one of the top romantic restaurants in Belize. The white able clothes are decorated with beautiful pink orchids at this amazing place. A romantic table can be booked in advance which offers a private dinner at the beach with shells, orchids and torches in the sand.

Palmilla Restaurant

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Rojo lounge at Azul resort

The Rojo lounge and bar is a great place for couples. Although the restaurant is not your every day romantic restaurant as they have converted it into a beach bar but the charm is still the same. Take a red velvet low laying couch and snuggle with your partner till your food arrives. The menu here focuses mainly on the oriental fare which is truly delicious. The Rojo lounge is a great place for drinking and enjoying some care free time with each other.

Rojo lounge

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Blue water grill

This thatched roof restaurant cum bar is located right on the beach in the town of San Pedro and is an amazing place for either lunch or dinner. The sea breeze and the sounds of the splashing waves ads to the romantic charm of this place. The menu here changes on daily basis and the ingredients are sourced locally which keeps them fresh. The restaurant is also a great venue to hold a rehearsal dinner or informal wedding reception.

Blue water grill

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Hidden treasure

As the name suggests the hidden treasure is a great place still unexplored by many. Located in the upscale neighborhood Hidden Treasure is an open-air plantation hut illuminated at night by romantic, amber-colored little lights. The restaurant has been named as the best restaurant in Belize in the year 2008.

Chef Rob’s Gourmet café

The café is a known place among the regulars at Belize Chef Rob’s gourmet café is an outstanding place to have a great meal at a reasonable price. The USP of the restaurant is the beauty of their menu which changes regularly and the use of freshest ingredients available. The restaurant serves French, American and Belizean fare with a top notch service. Rob’s companion restaurant, Love on the Rocks, serves meals cooked on 700-degree lava slabs.

Chef Rob's Gourmeet cafe

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Tutti Frutti

This is the place to take your partner to for an authentic Italian gelato experience. The Tutti Fruuti restaurant is a great place for having a scoop of love served to you in form of ice cream and by ice cream we mean the rich flavor of Gelato. Try the tropical fruit flavors, such as banana, lime, coconut, papaya, and mango, or an unusual flavor such as sugar corn, all created from natural ingredients by Italian owner Tiziana Del Col and you might get addicted and return here every day during your stay.

Rain restaurant and rooftop terrace

The restaurant has both indoor and outdoor sitting area the outdoor sitting area is essential the roof top terrace with gorgeous views of the sea, the reefs, and a mesmerizing sunset. Come here for mouth watering sea food which is one of the best in Belize. Book a table at the roof top which offers a 360° view of the surrounding beach. The restaurant sometimes may be a little crowded as many families tend to stop here for meals.

Rain Restaurant

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Riverside tavern

The river side tavern is one of the city’s most popular restaurants and it also serves as a popular burger joint and pub. Sit inside in air-conditioned comfort, at tables set around a huge bar, or on the outside covered patio overlooking Haulover Creek. It is one of the few places in Belize with a dress code as shorts are not allowed at night which makes the atmosphere much formal. Try their signature hamburgers, which come in several sizes from 6 oz. to enormous.

Riverside Tavern

Bristo-Maya Beach hotel

The Bristo is the one of the best restaurants in Belize though it may not be called romantic but we could not exclude such a good place from the list. The Bristo has open air views of the sea and they always have something unexpected in the such as passion-fruit and snapper ceviche, lobster bread pudding or rabbit potpie, along with traditional dishes such as the grilled catch of the day. Visit the restaurant with your partner to experience the best food in the town.

Bristo Maya Beach hotel

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Montagna Ristorante

This Italian restaurant sits at the top of the chain of Italian joints in the area. THE Montagna Ristorante is Francis Coppola’s luxury gateway has its own organic garden, which supplies vegetables and fruits to the restaurant. The Montagna specializes in Italian dishes, including Coppola family recipes from Italy’s Basilicata region. Book a table near the window having the visuals of the green jungle and the Privassion Creek.

Montagna Ristorante

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