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Romantic Restaurants in Guatemala, Guatemala

Dining around the ruins of the Mayan sites and the historical buildings of Spanish colony is an experience. Guatemala offers you the chance and luxury to do so. This country offers you some excellent restaurants that you would like to dine at. The ambience, the interiors, the food will leave you impressed and happy. Some of the most important restaurants in Guatemala that you should not miss are listed below.

Best Romantic Restaurants in Guatemala For Couples


Get a taste of classic Spanish and Basque dishes such as paella and calamares en su tinta at Altuna in Guatemala City. For dessert order torrejas, a crusty bread soaked in whole milk, evaporated milk, and condensed milk with a touch of anise that will make you rave about forever.


If you love the taste of Asia and Italy then have your meal at Tamrindos. The décor is contemporary and amazing. The wine list includes wine from all across the globe. It makes up for a romantic dining experience.

El Sereno

This elegant restaurant is located in the historical town of Antigua in a 16th century house. It offers you the romance of candlelight dinner. The terrace gives a beautiful view of the mountains. The menu changes every few months.


A small pool, festooned with candles and flower petals, the rear garden or the dining rooms, either of these can be your dining area in this elegant restaurant. Pastas, fishes and meat are the rule the menu of this restaurant.


The modern yet simple décor of this restaurant will win your heart. The cuisines are a fusion of the authentic dishes if Guatemala with the dishes of the entire world. The wine list is extensive and impressive.

Bistrot Cinq

A perfect blend of Guatemala and France is served here with elegance. Pewter, ceramic, and wood pigs adorn the interior of the restaurant. The chandelier and dim lights give a romantic vibe to this place.


This is one of the most creative restaurants in the entire country. Osso buco to crab cakes with avocado-and-wasabi cream sauce, aquero chino, and the pudín de chocolate and cheesecake with crème brûlée will drive you crazy.

La Casserole

French dishes with a touch of Guatemala will make you relish the taste all your life. Seafood bouillabaisse cooked in a spicy tomato sauce and steak tenderloin with a salsa made from spicy chiltepinpeppers are must try at this restaurant.

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