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Romantic Things to Do in Alaska, USA

Alaska is one of the largest states among the 50 states in the USA. It's a Land of cold, snow, ice, and mind boggling perspectives. Alaska has the longest coast line and, beaches are an essential part of any beachfront landscape.

If you have visited Alaska for your honeymoon or as a romantic getaway then we have listed some of the spots for love & romance in Alaska. You can also plan to visit these place to make your valentine day special as well.

Romantic Things Couples Can Do in Alaska

Denali national park

Spread over a vast six million acres of land, the Denali national park located on the highest mountain in North America, the Mount McKinley. It is the best place to watch wildlife and stay close to the nature. The national park presents beautiful and mesmerizing views of the nature of Alaska. Go for hiking and camping in the park with your partner but better be safe as there are a number of Grizzly bears and other animals which are common in this landscape.

Northern lights

What better than experiencing the best of Alaska with the natural phenomenon of the Northern lights? This amazing phenomenon of the lights shining in the sky during the night is one of the most beautiful natural events in the world. The green, blue, red lights shining on the black sky forms the most amazing view which should be on the bucket list of everyone visiting Alaska. Also known as the Aurora the lights can be seen in the months when the winter is at the peak.

Alaska railroads tours

What better way to explore Alaska than going on one of the most iconic rail routes of the world the Alaskan rails take you through some of the most gorgeous landscapes of Alaska. You can get a ticket for the tour easily, as it connects Alaska’s most popular tourist destinations with each other. The train travels through one of the most rugged and natural territory of Alaska like the Denali National park, The Denali state park, the Chugach National forest ad many such other beautiful locations.

Glacier Bay national park

If you ever wished to watch a glacier floating in the sea then the Glacier bay national park is the place for you. This amazing World Heritage site is spread in an area of 3.3 million acre and houses some of the world’s largest chunks of ice. Magnificent glaciers, ice capped peaks, exciting wild life and miles of pristine coastlines this place is absolute heaven for the nature lovers. And what more you can also witness huge masses of ice from the glaciers falling into the salt water.

Take a flight over the Alaskan mountains

If you want to do something special and something different for our partner then take him/her for an amazingly adventurous sky tour of the Alaskan valleys and hills. As you sit in the warmth and comfort of a plane or helicopter, you’ll see peaks and glacial formations that have never felt the press of a human foot. Book a helicopter ride for you and your partner and witness the beauty of Alaska like no one ever has.

See alpenglow at midnight

Alaska is a place where you won’t get to see the sun set soon. You can witness the rays of the sun kissing the ice capped peaks of Alaskan mountain range in the hour of midnight when the whole world sleeps in the dark. Take your partner to witness this surreal scene and let it get itched in your memory or ever.

Go for kayaking

There are so much of adventurous things to do in Alaska, one of which is Kayaking. You could hire a kayak and explore the Glacial Rivers of Alaska and while kayaking in the Sea you can always hope to see one of the most majestic beings of the ocean the great whales. Kayaking in Alaska is a beautiful and adventurous experience which you can take on by yourself or with your partner.

Go for a long drive in one of Alaska’s highway

With miles and miles of empty roads, the Alaskan highways are a popular choice for a long drive with your partner. You can only feel the vastness of Alaska once you have driven on one of its highways where the scenery does not change for miles and miles. Take a mix tape and a car and hope on for a journey across the great landscape of Alaska.

Eenjoy fishing and angling

Alaska is heaven for people who love fishing. You can book one of the Alaskan fishing packages and hope on for one of the best angling and fishing experience. The Alaskan rivers and streams are filled with, rainbow trout.

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