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Romantic things to do in China, China

China is a well-known tourist destination as well as a scintillating honeymoon destination that allows the married couples and any other couples who are in much love can find numerous things to do which can strengthen their romance and ensure that the couples have a great time together in the various cities of China. China is indeed have the best elements in its various cities like Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong and the couples can taste the most lavish honeymoon in the most luxurious way in the various hotels and resorts of China where various honeymoon packages are offered to the couples which are warm and make the couples come back again for the river cruises, lovely sea beaches and lip smacking food of China. There are many small cities of the country which are known for their beauty and gorgeous landscapes and the couples can have a complete tour of them which can make them happy and make them come closer, not only married couples but even for those who want to re-freshen their love life can also give this country a chance to spend the most lovable days of their life.

Shanghai Trip

A trip to Shanghai

Shanghai is indeed a gorgeous city to be and the city can also offer you with some of the best romantic activities you can expect in your honeymoon trip or during your romantic vacations. During the visit of Shanghai you can see the beautiful city with high rising skyscrapers that will present a true picture of a busy city with streets but it can be truly romantic as the dusk comes down and an extremely romantic eventually awaits you. You cannot miss the view of the Bund and it will just leave you spellbinding. You can also take a river cruise on the Huangpu River and any couples will not let the chance go away of having a romantic candle light dinner in any of the posh restaurants in Shanghai.

West Lake Hangzhou

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Spend some quality time beside the West Lake at Hangzhou

This is one of the best trips any couples can have during their romantic holidays in China. The lake offers a number of opportunities where the couples will love to experience. They can go for a romantic boat cruise on the river and the West is Lake is very much popular for its gorgeous backdrop that can mesmerize anyone, so the couples who are here for their love vacations can have a nice time behind the place. The place is also apt for watching sunset and the couples can have a cozy time watching the beautiful Chinese Garden and having tea at Chinese teahouse.


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Going for a Shangri-La Tour

This is a beautiful province located in the Yunnan province and the couples will love the outdoor activities that are full of fun and the couples can have the best time with each other. The place is full of beautiful monasteries and architectures and the couples can go for skiing and hiking and the hot springs of Shangri-La are worth mentioning which the couple can go for the best of their honeymoon luxuries. The city is also known for its beer and couples can have many of them along with fine cheese and make their honeymoon the most loved moments of their life.

Mount Huangshan Anhui

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Tie a Love Lock at Mount Huangshan at Anhui

Anhui is known for the gorgeous high rising Mount Huangshan and the beauty which can be experiences from the tip is just priceless. The place is very much visited for the couples as there is a custom of tying a love lock here where you can tie a lock in the iron chains and throw the key in the valley so that the love bond can be unbreakable and no one can break your love bond in your life, so the custom sounds really romantic and the backdrop that is covered with pine trees and clouds touching the uneven rocks will let you forget everything else.

Water Towns of Suzhou

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Visit the Water Towns of Suzhou

The water towns are really beautiful and the couples should make their holiday schedule including this place. The water towns are really beautiful and the couples can have a great time here and the city has the ancient essence too. The streets are seen along the canals and rivers and the couples have to use boat rides to go from one side to another. There is an unusual charm in the city which can allow them to get the best scenes through the flagstone-paved streets through the bridges and old mansions and you can have a day out in the city.

Tiger Leaping Gorge

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Go together for a lonely and Adventurous Trekking at Tiger Leaping Gorge

At the Tiger Leaping Gorge trekking area the couples can go for a lonely trekking or on the other than they can also hire a guide who can help them go on the hills. The background of the hills are really beautiful and no one will stop you from walking holding hands on the most gorgeous and different landscapes of China. One can get the trails in both high and low diversions and the couples can also enjoy the scenic backdrop during the winter months where they become a stunning scenery for the spectators.

Yangtze River cruises

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Never miss the Yangtze Tours

Yangtze River cruises are one of the most desired trips that every couples look and expect in China. The cruises are dynamic and romantic and the couples can have all their wish fulfilled during these boat cruises. The couples can enjoy the dramatic cruise ships through the Three Gorges area between Chongqing and Yichang. The river is the longest river of the nation and the couples who are looking for posh holidays can choose a cruise which is of 4 or 5 star rating that will take you to the ultimate feeling of luxury and can make your romantic holiday a remembering one.

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