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Romantic Things to Do in Langkawi

Langkawi is indeed a place where you cannot get over from each of the entertaining element of it and it proves true to its name “The Jewel of Kedah”. The island is indeed jewel in tourism of Malaysia and people from all over the world come to this place where they can have unlimited options to enjoy in the beaches, places of attractions, shopping centers, nature parks and gardens, watersports and many other things.  Langkawi is also called as a paradise for the honeymoon couples and married couples who want to get the perfect romantic ambience for their vacations and there are many romantic things to do in Langkawi that can add more fondly memories to their life. Right from the beach tours to the complete island tours Langkawi’s 99 island is a complete phenomenon which can let you forget the rest of the world. And the activities can let your kid come out within you if you are at the beaches and the various other placeswill be included with the brilliant rock formations and myriad caves which rich with stalactites and stalagmites, and exploring the island with some of the magnificent lush sceneries.

The Must Do Activities in Langkawi For Couples

Island Tours in Langkawi

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Exploring the Grand Island Tour

This could be one of your impeccable tours of Langkawi and you can have a breathtaking experience while you take a trip to some of the major tourist attractions of the Island. Starting from the Eagle’s Square to the Black Sand Beach where you can see the amazing black sand beach and then you can move on to see the Oriental Village to have a nice shopping experience of Malaysian Souvenirs and handicrafts and following it the trip can move to the Atma Alam Batik Village to see the popular and traditional batik printing and you can move on to your trip to the largest Crocodile farm of Malaysia.

Langkawi Beach

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Indulge into the Water Trip of Langkawi

The water trip of Langkawi will not only cover the major beaches of the Pantai Cenang, Pantai Tengah, Pantai Kok and the couples can actually indulge themselves into the major water sports such as snorkeling and scuba diving. More things to do in Langkawi waters that they can go for the Makam Mahsuri which is a legendary island with great stories behind and can also have a look at the rustic Malay villages. Couples can go for the small boat and ferry trips of the Rhu Bay to see some of the beautiful waves and definitely it will be a great romantic affair for those couples who are looking for sun and water.   

Langkawi Forests

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Tour of Rainforest and Jungle Trekking

The other name of Langkawi is tropical beauty so the couples should not miss any chance to explore the tropical rainforest and the chirping of the numerous birds staying there. The Bird’s Paradise is another place where they can add into their excursion and have a look at more than 200 species of rare bird species. Couples can also go for the foothills of Gunung Mat Cincang with a trekking excursion to discover more mammals and bird species along with a number of colorful butterflies while camping over the valleys and it could be a relaxing experience one as the couples can get away from their worldly chaos and find solace here.

Langkawi Spa

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Rejuvenate in the Exotic Spas

This could be one of the most refreshing yet rejuvenating things to do in Langkawi that the couples can have in Langkawi. The island is having loads of spas where they can have the soothing massages and beside the lush greenery and the crystal blue waves. The couples can have a relaxing experience at these spas where the    experienced masseur can make all your tiredness go away, and with the aromatic candles blowing up at the sides the couples can have the tranquility of the Andaman sea breezes and the spa retreats will actually set your mind and body free from all stresses and  fatigue.

Langkawi Cable Car

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Cable Car ride to touch the Malaysian Skies

The couples can take a high ride to the famous Langkawi cable car and they can get a nice trip of the best scenes of Langkawi Island. The ride can start from Mount Mat Cincang and an adjoining mountain to it and the couples can feel the clouds touching their faces and they can also feel the cool breeze on them. The cable car will also take you to the rainforest and you can have a panoramic view of Langkawi where the couples can see birds flying high on them and the couples can also fly high through the Oriental Garden too.

Langkawi Waterfalls

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Tour of the Lagkawi’s silvery Cascades and Mountains

The waterfalls of Langkawi are nature’s best gift to the island after its beaches and so the couples should not miss any chance to explore them. There are some famous waterfalls such as Durian Perangin Falls that flows down from the slopes of Mount Raya and you will love the surroundings, the couples can follow the Air Terjun Temurun that flows through Mat Cincang Nature and the falling water makes a pool also where the couples can take a bath. The couples can take a tour of the Gunung Raya Mountains, and the Gunung Mat Cincang where the couples can take a long romantic drive to them or can trek too.

Pulau Payar Marine Park in Langkawi

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Romantic Cruises on the Crystal Blue Waters of Langkawi

Couples can go for romantic cruises on the secret Lagoons and on the lovely beaches and dynamic islands though large ships where they can get awesome lunch and even they will be welcomes with cocktails. The cruise can start from the splendid Pulau Payar Marine Park and also get a chance to snorkel in the blue waters. The couples can also get a chance to sail on the yachts that can provide you with the best romantic things to do in Langkawi tours on the blue lagoons and you can get a chance to celebrate their wedding and promise to be together forever witnessing the Langkawi Islands!

Shopping Mall in Langkawi

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Overflow you shopping bags with duty free Shopping

Langkawi is an island where tourist can enjoy at the fullest and that is why it is also there for you where you can enjoy the very best of duty free shopping. There are ample of places where the couples can fill up their bags with the various items that they can get here, especially the electronic goods, apparels, shoes, mobiles, CDs and DVDs, luggage, grocery items, liquor, imported tobacco and many other things. The Teow Soon Huat Mall is one such mall where the couples can get the best of their shopping experience. Also do not forget to go for the night markets that are held at different places at different days of the week for classic Malay souvenirs.

D’Reef at The Cliff Langkawi

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Groove with the invigorating Nightlife of Langkawi

As far as the honeymoon couples are concerned their trip in Langkawi would be incomplete if they do not visit in any of the bars, pubs or discos of the island. Langkawi serves one of the best and scintillating nightlife of Malaysia and the couples should not miss them at any cost. There are rows of bars and pubs where the wide rane of alcoholic beverages are served and mostly they are nestled on the face front of the Pentai Cenang and Pentai Tengah beaches, So while looking at the waves of the Andaman Sea you can forget the world around you by taking your love in the arms in a high spirit ambience.

Water Sports in Langkawi

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Let your lives free with the great Outdoor Sports

In Langkawi no one will stop you from flying like a bird or sailing like a fish. So if you want to put away all the chaos and worries behind you and fly like a bird then try some of the adventurous outdoor sports in the island where you can let yourself free from all boundaries. Try the sky diving or scuba diving with the various arrangers or service providers and taste the wilder side of life. You can also go for sailing in the waves of the Andaman Sea or in the areas where you are likely to do so, and also go for swimming and snorkeling underwater.

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