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Santorini Destination Wedding

Being a volcanic island, Santorini is a place of uniquely beautiful landscapes and romantic sunset views. Santorini is one of the most romantic and spellbinding islands of the Greek. The stunning beaches and diverse natural flora and fauna just add to the charm of this place. Exhibiting a soothing fusion of Venetian and Cycladic styles of architectures, Santorini is also displays some of the most antique monuments in the World. Santorini is blessed with naturally romantic landscapes and seascapes, hence sets up perfectly for a romantic Destination wedding ceremony.

Why to Choose Santorini as Destination Wedding ?

  • Since Santorini is semi-circle shaped island, it often presets you with World’s most beautiful sunset views.
  • The beautiful Santorini locations have often been shot in Greek musical videos and movies like Bang Bang (2014),For the First Time (2008 film), Che ne sarà di noi(2004) and many more and you would love your wedding ceremony being shot at a place of such scenic beauty.
  • From adventure sports to World famous Santorini wines, here you get every amenity you ever desired for.
  • Yacht, beach and Cruise ship wedding ceremonies can also be arranged in Santorini.

Best Destination Wedding Locations in Santorini

Dana Villas

Cascading down the Santorini caldera, Dana Villas is a serene settlement in firostefani. The beautiful wedding terrace of Dana Villas offers you with romantic views of Caldera and the ever-beautiful Santorini sunset. Dana Villas basically is a volcano view spot that holds serene, secluded wedding ceremonies amidst the spectacular picturesque landscapes. Whereas, the hotel caters for all the amenities of luxury like dinner, party etc.

Anemos Beach lounge

Much more than just a typical wedding venue, the Anemos Beach lounge is a perfect setting for a stylish, romantic and relaxing wedding party on the beach. Anemos beach lounge is a popular destination in Satorini and regularly hosts diverse events. You need not worry about the wedding planning part, as the humble staff here is very efficiently experienced in organizing the wedding parties. The availability of banquet facilities (which take uttermost care of all of yours’ and your guests’ needs) makes this place even more suitable for organizing wedding parties. With all its amenities, Anemos Beach Lounge Promises you a memorable wedding ceremony that will be cherished for lifetime.

Santorini Princess Hotel

Located in one of the most beautiful surroundings in Santorini, the Santorini Princess Hotel welcomes you for a wedding ceremony with offerings like a mesmerizing wedding space on the Caldera, a beautiful pool, a la carte restaurant with bar, pool bar and open-air lounge etc. This is why the Santorini Princess Hotel is rated as one of best wedding destinations in Santorini. While this place mesmerizes you with the views of Caldera and romantic sunset, it also offers enough space to accommodate 50-60 guests of yours and the cuisine is simply delicious. From DJ to dancers, from fireworks to live music band performances, the Santorini Princess Hotel warmly welcomes you for your wedding celebrations.

Santo Winery

Located in the Pyrgos village, Santo Winery is a destination to mesmerize you with some stunning views of natural beauty, including the panoramic views of the island and splendid views of the volcano & Aegean Sea. Being one of the most popular ceremony venues in Santorini, the Santo Winery also offers you with facilities like rich decoration, red carpet, floral archway, white covered chairs etc. and hence sets up for a dream wedding destination for you.

Suites of God

Wedding, undoubtedly is one of the most auspicious and precious day of your life and there no better destination than “Suites of God” to make it even more special and memorable. Overlooking the Caldera, this complex is an elegant retreat and nothing short of a fairytale wedding destination. The stylish open air lounge on the terrace is a serene location for your wedding ceremony, which itself offers breath taking views of the majestic sea, volcano and one of the most beautiful sunsets of the World.

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