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Hanauma Bay – Best Place In Hawaii For Snorkeling

Last updated : Aug 24, 2015

Hanauma bay is situated in O’ahu, Hawaii. It a horse shoe shaped bay and is spread in the area of around 100 acres. It’s steep curved walls are remnants of volcanic crater which was formed thousands of years ago. Hanauma Bay is not a beach park but a Nature Preserve and Marine Life Conservation District. It is know for it’s rainbow ocean of fauna.The bay is home to reefs and varieties of other marine habitat. This place is ideal for sunbathing, swimming, snorkeling or scuba diving.

What You Can Do in Hanauma Bay in Hawaii

Affable Marine Life

One of the most fascinating and attractive creatures in Hanauma Bay is the Green Sea Turtle, or honu. These lovely animals live in the waters of the bay and many other places around the world.The Hanauma Bay is home to over 450 varieties of fish, as well as octopus, crabs and eels. It is full of a living coral forest that grows and feeds the resident animals. The coral formations and creatures that live there provide some of the most beautiful underwater landscapes on the planet. The coral reefs show off the natural beauty of the bay.


Photo Credit- fhke

Snorkeling in the Bay

Snorkeling in Hanauma Bay is very simple. This bay is a favorite snorkeling spot. The waters are clear, warm, and calm. Friendly and plentiful fish swim close by. The setting is gorgeous and easy to access. Even in waist deep water, dozens of species of reef and inshore fish common to Hawaiian waters can be seen. Novice snorkelers like to stay in the safe, shallow inner bay. Those with more experience take a passage through the reef to gain access to Witch’s Brew, a turbulent cove, and other outer reef areas.


Photo Credit- matsubokkuri

Toilet Bowl

For many years this was a major Oahu attraction before the state declared it too dangerous and had to closed it for the public. The toilet bowl is a hole in the lava that leads from the rocky cliff all the way t o the ocean. When a wave rolls in it passes through the channel and fills this gap.


Photo Credit- jimmysmith


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