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Romantic Things To Do In Austin, USA

Austin is the beautiful capital city of the state of Texas in the United States America. It is the 11th populous city of the country and known for its beautiful sight seeing’s.The state capital and the city boast the major University of Texas as well as a significant center for politics, technology, music, film and awesome food. The city has some high rising skyscrapers and brilliant city scapes which makes this city one of the best tourist destinations of the United States. Any couples who are heading to this city for their honeymoon will find ample of options to make their vacations worth.

Romantic Places To See In Austin

  • Take her to a romantic movie! Couples can go for Violet Crown Cinema which is a luxurious four-screen theater showing independent films and serving discounted snacks which will be specially made for the couples. They can spend their evening with the best of the shows.
  • Or on the other hand the couples can for an old-fashioned date which is classic and will be indeed a different from the trends as they can, head to Blue Starlite Mini Urban Drive where they can experience vintage theaters with mouthwatering refreshments.
  • Austin is a place where the couples can warm up their love more with the barbeques! The city is best known for its barbeque dishes which can comprise of steak, fish, sausages and many other mouthwatering recipes and they can get over most of the restaurants where these items are served with the best wines and salads.
  • Couples can visit the various museums during their day tours where they can visit the Texas Memorial Museum, the Blanton Museum of Art, the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum which are the places for the art lovers and the couples can have a great time there.
  • Couples cannot miss the Zilker Park and sail on the San Marcos River through canoeing and tubing.

Austin Activities

  • Couples can visit the various live music venues as Austin has 200 of them and the choice can be endless. So if one of the duos is relay in love with music then the partner can take her/him to these venues as Austin is also known with another name of “Live Music Capital of the World” so the couples can expect infinite live music shows where they can groove and move.
  • Couples can go for romantic plunges with each other in the various lakes and streams of Austin. The weather is super cool and just made for the love birds to get on with it. Lake Travis, Pedernales River, Bartons Spring pool are some of the places which they cannot miss.
  • Couples should not miss a visit to the National Recreation and Park Association where they can indulge in various water activities like kayaking, hiking, rock climbing and many others.
  • Couples can sail in the various streams and lakes while they can rent their private boat or luxury yacht and sing their love song together in each other’s arms.
  • Much-in -love couples can go to the Texas wine tours and taste the fine wines with more passion and romance.

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