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Romantic Things To Do in Baltimore, USA

Baltimore is the largest city of the state of Maryland in the United States. This is a beautiful city settled in between lush greenery and the city lies on the juncture of the Chesapeake Bay. The city booms with grand and roaring nightlife, temperate climate which is soothing and pleasing and a lot of lovely people to welcome you at, any time of the year. Baltimore is also known with another name of “The Charm City” because of its unusual beauty and grandeur.

Romantic Places To See In Baltimore

  • Couples should visit the Fell’s Point which is known as the second Italy because the area is so romantic and the honeymoon couples will have a great time here.Fells Point is a place where couples have ample of opportunities with the historic visits as well as with great pubs, a lively and enthralling nightlife, and can also dine in the best restaurants.
  • To have the best glimpses of the city the honeymoon couples can spend their days in Midtown where they can views one of the best areas of the city where they can see many acts of the performing arts as the area is known for such acts, and they can also visit the Penn Station, and other attractions such as the Walters Art Museum, the original Washington Monument, and along with that they can also go for a romantic dinner with some fine wines on Charles and can also visit the dynamic University of Baltimore.
  • Couples should visit ‘The Baltimore Basilica’ which is considered as the oldest cathedral of the town and the visit will definitely be bliss.
  • Couples should visit to the National Aquarium of Baltimore to experience an amazing underwater world and spectacular and colorful species.
  • Couples should visit the World Trade center to have a spectacular look of the city.

Baltimore Activities

  • Nothing would be more romantic than a hand-in-hand stroll in the park and this will be an ideal way to be close to your partner a bit more. They can stroll on the park which is on top of Federal Hill as the site has a panoramic view of the city’s waterside.
  • Honeymoon couples can go for some good romantic cruises as they can go for a ride on Harbor Cruises to enjoy a passionate night of where they can dine on fine food and listen to some romantic notes, and see the beautiful Chesapeake Bay. But make sure to book the cruise before you plan all your travels and on the other hand the cruises are also not available on same day booking.
  • Couples can go to the Ketch Pintita which will be bliss for the couples as they will get both boating with breakfast and can sail on the day and all through the night under the moon and the stars.
  • Couples should visit the Riverside Park and walk down with stairs and see the beautiful city decorated with statues, roadside sitting areas, and walking trails.
  • Couples can participate in the various festivals and can enjoy their honeymoon at best.

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