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Romantic Things To Do In Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok-The beautiful capital city of Thailand makes one of the most celebrated holidays destinations of Southeast Asia offers you some of the best itineraries and best activities that will be the best reminisces  of your life. The city if Bangkok is not only known for its marvelous architecture but also for the best temples that relates to Buddhism and people can also have the best experience in shopping and nightlife and most importantly the tourists can have the best experience of tasting the Thai food in this beautiful city where they will love the spicy combination of Chinese and spicy Thai food. Bangkok is an extremely attractive city which also has a number of parks and beautiful natural sceneries that will give you a striking view and indeed a soothing feeling to your eyes, and this is one of the factors theatrically make Bangkok a beautiful city and the city attracts almost 11 million tourists every year. Bangkok can be one of the best tourist places for the honeymoon couples and they will have endless things to do in Bangkok and this not only will excite them but will give them some of the best holiday memories.

Romantic Things to do in Bangkok Honeymoon

Klong River, Bangkok

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Go for a Cruise on the Klong River

Couples can go for a River Cruise on the Klong and there are river boats to take the couples to the ride. Couples can see through the city of Bangkok by the river cruise with the Klong River wider and bolder river but previously it was stated as a canal and the couples can get the beautiful and elaborately done boats barges to sail up on. It is set up beside the industrial units, temples and beside the local homes. The river also meets the Chao Phraya Riverand passes by the Royal Barges National Museum, and see the local activities.

Wat Arun in Bangkok

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Visit the WatArun

This temple is normally known as the “Temple of Dawn” by the visitors and one of the impressive structures of the South Eastern Asia. Built in the 19th Century the structure is built on the banks of the Chao Praya River and the temple is 70 meters high with stunning architecture. The couples can also take a boat ride after visiting the temple and they can also get a quiet ambiance if they visit in the early morning.\

China Town Market

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Experience the China Town Market in Bangkok

You cannot return from Bangkok without filling your shopping bags as it is one of the hottest shopping destinations of the world. So couples can definitely visit the China Town and fill up your shopping bags with the best food to have in Bangkok. The market is also known for serving some of the best foods of Thailand and also the Chinese are present here to sell the best fabric and gold that will glitter all through your eyes.

Siam Square, Bangkok

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Visit the New York of Thailand- The Siam Square

This is one of the posh markets of the city which is often compared to the New York City for its lavishness and expensive markets. There is also an open air shopping complex from where the couples can shop for some very costly but collective things and can enjoy the best places around this place which will make the couples feel special as the place is really a gorgeous one.

Grand Palace, Bangkok

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Visit the Old City and visit the Grand Palace

The couples can go for the best Royal tours that will include their trips to the Grand Palace and the WatPhraKaew and after this trip the couples can go for the royal palace which is more than 150 years old and the WatPhraKaew is the emerald Buddha temple that belongs to the 14th century and both the tours will provide the religious feeling to the couples who are looking for a nice trip overlooking the best architecture of the palace and this Buddha Temple is a significant part of the palace and nobody can ignore the views of both the places once they visit here.

Couples can visit the old City and see the Grand Palace and see the beautiful architecture done on it. This palace is an epitome of the past era of Thailand and was built in 1782 – and this is a 150 years old structure that used to be the home of the Thai King, and the Royal court and the administrative seat of government. The building is an impressive one and will charm the spectators. Inside the palace there are many other buildings are there that seats the Emerald Buddha.This is an epitome of luxury and known as the icon of Bangkok.

Evening Drink, Bangkok

Photo Credit – Sofitel So Bangkok

Go for a romantic Sunset Drink

Couples can go for a nice romantic sunset drink with the best cocktails on the rooftop of the Sirroco State Tower and can raise a toast to their wedded life.There are many hotels where there are beautiful roof tops and the couples can spend a romantic evening. Among the best places the couples can opt for Banyan Tree’s Vertigo and Moon barwhich are considered the best.

Cruise Dinner, Bangkok

Photo Credit – Ian Gratton

Treat your Darling with a passionate Dinner Cruise

The couples can go for the river cruises on the Chao Praya River and they can get the best trips to explore the beauty of the river and can get the views of the Grand Palace and the WatArun or the Temple of Dawn and the cruises also offer the best drinks and buffet to the couples who are for their special romantic holidays. There are many service providers and yacht providers through which they can plan their trips and there are special romantic set up is done for these couples through which they can have the soothing background music and dance on it.

Both of the couples can have a nice dinner while sailing on the Chao Praya River and the beauty that will be seen all through will deliver a beauty to behold. Your cruise can pass by the sparkling pagodas and temples, heaven touching skyscrapers and a sparkling of passing nocturnal traffic will greet you from every direction. As move to the cruise you will be welcomed with the high class hospitality and get along with the best Thai Food and get a romantic ambiance where candle light dinner and a tropical climate to enjoy and to celebrate your wedding.

Night Life Bangkok

Photo Credit – Mark Roy

Enjoy the Night life in Bangkok

Couples who are here or their honeymoon cannot afford to miss the night life of the city of Bangkok and there are many bars and night clubs where the couples can have the best time to heat the dance floor and also enjoy the best drinks and cocktails here.

Bangkok is a city of enjoyment and fun and if the tourist of the city is honeymoon couples then they will not stay behind to explore the lively night of the Bangkok city where hundreds of discos and bars awaits for them and there they will get enough place to tap their feet each other and enjoy the best cocktails and bets wines and beers. Some of the best discotheques where the couples can enjoy their honeymoon holidays in Bangkok and they are Ce La Vi, Onyx, Levels Club and Lounge, Route 66 and many others  and the music and drinks will get them grooving.

Local Market, Bangkok

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Visit the Local Markets

Among the local market is completely on water and the couples can see people selling fruits, fish and vegetable on boat and there are many other options they can see the old life style of the people of Thailand. There are many boats that also sell you cooked food too. And do not miss the Chatuchak Market for everything you need to buy.

Thai Food

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Treat yourself with a Thai Brunch

Thai Cuisines are considered one of the best cuisines of the world as it is spicy yet tangy and resembles with the Indian food. So couples can enjoy it any of the streets or in the restaurants and eateries and they can order for the very famous Thai Green curry, Seafood, Isan, Chok that are specially made with herbs and spices.

Bangkok is known for its exclusive food tours and the couples can go for the street food as well as the best restaurants and hotels for a nice dinner or a lunch treat where they can taste the best Thai food and the street food the couples will also have the best chances to taste the awesome Chinese food in the city. Some of the posh restaurants in which the couples can visit but mostly the street food are just awesome and amongst the best menus they can taste Khao man kai, Pad Thai, somtham and most unusually the fried bugs with soya sauce.


Bangkok is a city where nobody comes back without filling their shopping bags and the MBK Center is one of the most visited shopping arenas in the city and they can go for the Siam Paragon and the Emporium in Sukhumvit in one such place where the couples can go and mostly the ladies love these places. The couples can buy for the electronic goods, fake CDs and DVDs and they can also visit the place called Pak Khlong Talat where they can get to have the various cut vegetables and Flowers and Yaowarat and Phahurat are the best places to shop for fabrics and apparels.

Floating Market Bangkok

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Floating Market Tours

This is one of the most entertaining Bangkok activities that the couples should opt for and they can visit the various floating markets such as the DamnoenSaduak which is the most visited one and here the boats are actively selling the tropical fruits and vegetable and flowers and not to forget the local foods that are made by them and they are just awesome. There are most floating markets such as Amphawa which is also a major floating market in the city and here the couples can also see the beautiful and colorful boats selling souvenirs and local snacks and confectioneries.

Bang Pa-In Bangkok

Photo Credit : Mark Fischer

Visiting the Parks and Gardens of the city

The city of Bangkok has loads of parks and Gardens and these are one of the best things to do in Bangkok and the park will provide the soothing views of the city as they are extremely beautiful and among the best parks the couples can visit the Lumphini Park where the greenery and the artificial lake will attract the spectators and among others the couples can visit the Benjasiri Park,  Queen Sirikit Park, Chatuchak Park and many others where there are beautiful and calm places waiting for those tourist and couples who are searching for a tranquil place to be in.

Dusit Zoo Bangkok

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Exploring the Wild Life

The couples can never feel bored and feel that ‘what to do in Bangkok’ when all the tours are over as they can go for the wildlife tours of Bangkok through the various animals parks and safaris. Couples will get a wide chance of exploring the huge collections of viewing mammals, birds and reptiles at the Dusit Zoo and more they can go for the Safari World and can also go for viewing the crocodiles and alligators in the Samutprakarn Crocodile Farm and Zoo which will be an amazing experience and the couples will have a refreshing trip in this wildlife parks.

Spa in Bangkok

The pampering Spa Tours

Bangkok is also known for its pampering and rejuvenating spas that will give them the opportunity to get the chance to revive their senses and get rid of the tiredness and freshen up. Both the couples can booking priority if they are looking for any special spa to the world famous Thai Massage and the magical spas will provide them the chances to get various aliments through the massages. Some of the very popular spas such as S Medical Spa, The Oriental Spa, at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, The Oasis Spa Bangkok, Mandara Spa, Banyan Tree Spa, TRIA Integrative Wellness Center, Private Hospital and many others.

lantern festival in Thailand

Participating in the Festivals

Bangkok is a city where people celebrate festivals with great pomp and show and there are many festivals that are worth participating, in fact there are hundreds who especially visit the city to take part in these festivals and some of them are Chinese New year, Royal Ploughing Ceremony, HM The King’s Birthday Celebrations that is celebrated especially in the Grand Palace and the decoration of the Palace is worth viewing and the if the couples are present in the city on December 5th then they cannot miss it out. And not to forget the New Year celebrations is again a world class celebration that is worth participating

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