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Romantic Things To Do in Belfast, Northern Ireland

Belfast is the capital city of the Northern Ireland and a very beautiful place to visit. The city is located at the mouth of River Lagan and the city is surrounded by low hills which make this city a picturesque one and nice destination for the honeymoon couples too. For the couples who are interested in attractive places and want to explore a serene and city that can be discovered through walks then this place is indeed a good one. The couples who are here can know more about the city’s history and folklores, and they can also experience the charm and hospitality of the people and enjoy the best of their honeymoon in various places of interest.

Romantic Places To See In Belfast

  • Couples can start their tour of the city through some of the best and main attractions by taking a tour of the city center through the walking paths as this place is decorated with well-looked-after and restored Victorian buildings as well as many shops and restaurants. Couples can visit the St. George’s Market; the Belfast Wheel Albert Memorial Clock; and many others.
  • They can also make their visit to some of the romantic places as they are on their honeymoon and they cannot miss the lush green gardens around century and can also visit to the old City Hall are popular places to pause or picnic.
  • Couples can visit the Belfast, Giant’s Causeway which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The site is very romantic as the towering rock face bounce into the sea. Couples will love to spend time in the National Nature Reserve which is located just near this place.
  • Belfast Zoo is another entertaining place which will keep the couple’s day a busy one with the variety of animals that can be seen here.
  • Partners who are in look of greenery can visit the various parks of the city such as Sir Thomas Park, Lady Dixon and many others.

Belfast Activities

  • Couples who are looking for a dynamic nightlife can visit to the various numbers of bars and clubs among which the Bittles Bar, is a much visited one which is a club that celebrates Ireland’s greatest poets and writers and the couples can dedicated some of the romantic numbers to their partners and the place go more lively after evening so, it is pretty sure that it will add more fun to the honeymoon days.
  • Couples can go for the very romantic tours of the Fermanagh Lakelands which are worth exploring as the cruises cover the beautiful and waterways and spectacular landscapes of the city.
  • Couples can take the Titanic Boat tour which will show them the making place of the unfortunate ship which was built here. Couples can visit this nostalgic place.
  • Couples can also take a visit to the historic town of Bushmills through the Bushmills Railway, which is a steam locomotive where the couples can move through the ferries to the world’s oldest whiskey distillery as this is one of the best attractions of not only Belfast but Ireland.
  • Couples can go for ample of shopping in the various streets of the city.

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