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Things To Do in Birmingham

Birmingham is metropolitan city of the country of England. The city is known with many names as it was called as the "City of 1000 Trades" during the Victorian era, and it is also called as the "Workshop of the World" too. The local people call it as Brum enjoying the present era and revival as a great shopping and cultural destination of England. The major parts of the city were destroyed during the Second World War, and the replacement buildings can be seen in the city during the exploration. But the city is getting more urbanized as the city center is now pedestrianized, and the canals are converting up to make nice walking trails. Birmingham is a city which is known for its enthralling and lively nightlife and also for being a great shopping hub placed second after London in the country.

Romantic Places To See In Birmingham

  • Couples can visit the Custard Factory on the Gibb Street which is a shopping arena during the day and an extensive place is the home of various nightclubs which get wilder with dancing floors and the couples can see the true face of the nightlife of the city.
  • Couples should visit the Sutton Park where they can have a great time over watching the beautiful flowers and this place is also known for its cycling and angling activities and especially for bird watching.
  • Couples should visit the National Sea Life center where they can see the numerous water species such as turtles, sea horses, otters, piranhas and many others. They can also visit the Birmingham Nature Center where they can spot many animals.
  • Birmingham is a city which is also best known for its shopping streets and that is why the couples must go for shopping.
  • Couples can also go wild in the city as they can participate in adventurous activities such as skiing, kayaking, rock climbing and many others.

Birmingham Activities

  • Couples can visit the he mac cinema, Cannon Hill Park where they can watch the classic and the romantic numbers like Casablanca which will be accompanied with food and champagne and this can be done on the Valentine’ Day especially.
  • Couples can visit to the Cadbury World where they can truly find a world of chocolates which is an emblem of passion and romance and here they can get fine hand crafted chocolates for your partner and you can truly find a real life cupid striking both of your hearts spreading the love around the Bourneville galleries where you will be sharing your chocolates together.
  • For a romantic visit the couples can visit the Pre-Raphaelite collection at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, where they can find romance in all around the corners and the couples will have a great time there.
  • Take your loved one to a magnificent evening of ballet with Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake at The Hippodrome and you can also dance to the tunes and come closer with every move.
  • Couples can have fun in the numerous clubs of the city where they can have drinks and dance and have fun. Risa, Oceana, Snobbs are some of the significant ones to hang out.

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