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Romantic Things to do in Brighton, England

Brighton is a seaside resort located in England. This is again a wonderful destination for the tourist from all over the country as well as from the world. The destination is quite accessible from London and that is why people who want to escape from the glamor and glitz and hustle bustle of London and want to have an escape where they can have a cool atmosphere and spend some moments with serenity and calmness. Brighton is also known as the Gay Capital of Britain and thus people it creates a Bohemian culture in the city.

Romantic Places To See In Brighton

  • Couples can visit the pubs and nightclubs of the town which are the best places to hang especially for the couples who are much in love and looking for a place where they can be on the high spirits and spell the ‘three magical words’ to each other.
  • Brighton is a place of many eras, and the couples can head towards easy-going pre-railway fishing port through to political conference hub. And at this place the couples can explore the ancient era by watching the seafront view in a Thirties Art Deco Dragon Rapide biplane.
  • Couples should not miss the Palace Pier which is also known as the Brighton Pier and the place is apt to view the seaside and enjoy on the golden beach and sands.
  • Brighton Beach is another place which should not be missed by the newly wedded couples as the beach will be the ultimate place to celebrate honeymoon. They can also watch beautiful sunset after a entire play on the sand and water.
  • Among many eye striking historical architectures the Royal Pavilion is the one which is a must visit to explore its dynamic construction which is both a blend of Indian and Chinese structural design.

Brighton Activities

  • Couples should visit the Brighton Wheel which will be a great little romantic excursion. Couples can move for a romantic trip in your own little shell up high in the Brighton sky. The couples can have a spectacular experience in the black pod with leather seats and have Champagne together.
  • Couples can also visit the Sea Life Center which is an aquarium with walk through underwater tunnel and walking under it will be a great experience and this place is the oldest working Aquarium in the world so they should give it a miss.
  • Couples who are here for their honeymoon can visit to the nudist Beach which is a place where they can have their private moments with some romantic ideas.
  • Couples can have a good experience in the theater if the Duke of York’s Cinema where they can watch a nice movie together and then they can have a nice oyster dinner with sparkling champagne which will take them to the seventh sky.
  • Couples can visit to the Llama Park where they can spot horses, sheep, donkeys and pigs and the place is also known for organizing LGBT marriages as the spot is really picturesque.

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