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Romantic Things To Do In Brooklyn, USA

Brooklyn city is huge and among the five boroughs of New York in the United States. This is a huge town and considered as the second densely populated city after New York in the United States. The city is a home to a huge number of homes and churches. The city enjoys a great affluence and it is one of the cities of US which has endless numbers of top honeymoon destinations.

Romantic Places To See In Brooklyn

  • Couples can visit the Prospect Park which is again a great place and the couples can visit the various parks and gardens and most importantly the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. The garden is a place where the couples can see beautiful and lushly surroundings with colorful flowers. The garden comprises of a Japanese Garden and a Rose Garden which will be a great delight for the couples to be here.
  • Couples should not miss the Brooklyn Beach and the Coney Island. The place is full of fun and entertainment as the place is known for its high end amusement park and the couples can have loads of fun here. The couples can have a good lunch in the beach with beer and kebabs.
  • Couples can have a great time in the Italian Hub of Cobble Hills where they spend some quiet mouth-watering pizzas and Italian menus.
  • Couples should visit the Sunset Park which is also called as New York City’s little Puerto Rico and Brooklyn’s Chinatown. Its hilly terrain gives magnificent views of Downtown Brooklyn and Manhattan, Staten Island, and other parts of Jersey City and the couples can dine here in some of the finest Chinese restaurants.
  • New York Aquarium is a place which is a must visit in the city and the couples can have a look at some of the best water species.

Brooklyn Activities

  • Couples should visit the Mermaid Spa Banya where they can have an exotic experience of Spas and saunas and the place is mostly filled with Russians and the couples can also have some great food here.
  • The couples must visit the DUMBO which is near the Manhattan Bridge and they can have some passionate moments on the bridge and near the riverside park. The crowd is really trendier and there will be no one to disturb the couples if they are in a private moment.
  • Couples can visit the Marine Park which is a public park that is located in the inlet of Jamaica Bay. The park has the options a bike path, handball court, shuffleboard court and playground so the couples can have a nice outdoor experience.
  • Couples should visit the Beacon’s Closet which is a having a shopping line up of second hand stores and they can really shop for some nice and cheap stuffs which will not make a hole in the pocket.
  • No matter which kind of cuisine you like the Park Slope 5th and 7th Avenue will definitely make you crazy as the street is full of numerous continental restaurants which will suit all kinds of taste.

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