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Romantic Things to do in Canada, Canada

Canada, one of the largest country in the world that is filled with natural wonders , jaw dropping sceneries , diverse landscapes, beautiful cliffs, gorgeous glaciers and not to forget the polar bears are here too.

Things Couples must do in Canada

Enjoy the spectacular beauty of Niagara

Once you are at Canada you cannot afford to miss the Niagara falls. The surreal water rushing into the river bed never fails to awe you. Everyday thousands of tourists are left spell bounded after seeing this hypnotic sight.

Niagara Falls

Photo Credit- Greg Knapp

Get Horrified

If you believe in spirits and ghosts then you will enjoy the Haunted Walk at Kingston, Toronto and Ottawa. The hunted walk is an evening walking tour through the quiet streets city by lantern light.

Enjoy the ride of amphibus

While you are in Ottawa, you can take the tour of this gorgeous city in an amphibus called lady dive and enjoy the quality time with your loved ones.

Amphibus Ottawa

Photo Credit – Karim Rezk

Relive the history

For history lovers Signal Hill National Historic Site is the most glorious landmarks of the country where you can see the cannons and educational displays relay how Italian inventor Guglielmo Marconi received the first wireless transatlantic message from Cornwall, England at the site in 1901. The last North American battle of the Seven Years’ War took place here in 1762.

Signal Hill, Canada

Photo Credit – Teresa Alexander-Arab


Photo Credit- emmabishop

Freeze the moment at the Churchill

Capturing the moment becomes more important once you are with the gigantic beast i.e. polar bear. Churchill, the polar bears capital of the world is on its kind. It is surely a once-in-a-lifetime experience and feeling that can’t be expressed in words of seeing polar bears in their arctic.

drive crazy

Those who love chasing and have lure for high speed cars, then Vancouver is the best place or you where you can take the pleasure of Scenic Rush. It allows you to hear and feel the purr of the Ferrari. You can feel the raw power of the Lamborghini just begging to be unleashed. you can enjoy the scenic view of the city in these luxurious cars that you always dreamt of.

Driving, Canada

Photo Credit – InSapphoWeTrust

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