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Romantic Things to do in Churchill, Canada

Churchill is well known for its History as well as its wildlife. It presents its visitors with a number of activities to keep them away from boredom. There is a lot that can be done in Churchill, things that you are going to cherish all your life. See the Polar Bears or the Begula Whales or the Northern Lights or go Dog Sledding and so much more that can be done here. Your days spent in Churchill will be fun filled and adventurous. So here we present you with a list of 'MUST DO' activities in Churchill.

Things every couple must do in Churchill

Polar Bear Tours

Polar Bears are main tourist attraction in Churchill. The best time to see these animals is October to November. These furry white creatures are so adorable that you would like to take one home, but you can’t.

Polar Bear

Photo Credit – Emma

Sail with Belugas

Go scuba diving or kayaking, you are sure to find thousands of these friendly Beluga Whales. The water of Hudson Bay is so pristine that you can clearly see them swim in the Ocean. During summers they outnumber the human population in Churchill.

Belugas Whale

Photo Credit – Ross G. Strachan

Northern Lights

September to March is the perfect time to visit Churchill if you are dying to see Nature’s this amazing magic. For best view of the Northern Lights go out of the town or maybe just be wherever you are and let your eyes gaze at them with wonder and awe.

Northen Lights

Photo Credit – Jeff Wallace

Dog Sledding

Be seated in a Cart and take a tour in the snow. These Friendly Dogs will pull your cart and give you the best ride. On your way you’ll get to know more about Dog sledding and its history.

Dog Sledding

Photo Credit – Emma

Tundra Buggy

These are the best ways to see Polar Bears but they are expensive. The tour begins at 7 in the morning and gets over by 5 in the evening. The buggy takes you out on the tundra where the ice freezes up earliest. The bears are out along the coast for the bay to freeze so they can go out and hunt seals all winter.

Tundra Buggy

Photo Credit – Alex Berger


Northern specialties include arctic char and caribou. Wild salmon is also a popular menu item. Grab a slice of Pastry from Gypsy’s. You will love it for sure.

Cuisines, Churchill

Photo Credit – Travel Manitoba

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