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Romantic Things to Do In Costa Rica, Costa Rica

A forest, beaches, mountains, National Parks and abundant wildlife, this beautiful country is a paradise for nature lovers. Costa Rica offers you with a varied number of activities that will keep you busy for your entire vacation. You can either go sightseeing or engage yourself in some adventurous activities or take a tour of one of the many national parks found here. If you are a bit confused with so much around you then here is a list of few things that you would love to try in Costa Rica.

Things Couples Must Do In Costa Rica


You can take a zipline tour anywhere in Costa Rica. There are longer as well as shorter tours available. Get a bird’s eye view of the beautiful green land of Costa Rice from above and experience the adventure of zipline as well.

Ziplining Costa Rica

Photo Credit – David Berkowitz

Sunset Cruise in Guanacaste

Watch the sun go down while you are relaxing on a cruise. The picturesque beauty of the sunset will definitely make your day. Almost all the beach towns on the Pacific Coast offer sunset cruise.

Sunset Cruise Costa Rica

Photo Credit – Peter Snelling

Snorkel or Scuba Dive

Catalina Islands, Tortoguero and the Gulf of Papagayo offer excellent opportunities for scuba diving. The beautiful marine life is there to welcome you with its magnificence and wonders.

Snorkel Costa Rica

Photo Credit – Kristian Golding

Rappel down a waterfall

Add to the thrill in your life by jumping off a mountain and landing somewhere in the forest. On your way you cross four waterfalls and one and one rock wall. An adventure along with fun is what you get here.

Waterfall Rappelling

Photo Credit – Wilma Compton

Eat a Copo

Get a taste of this sweet thing here in Costa Rica. Copo is a Costa Rican shaved ice served with cola syrup, powdered milk and condensed milk. Churchill is a version of copo with ice cream and fruit added on top.

Copos, Costa Rica

Photo Credit – Trevor Huxham

White water raft at Rio Pacuare

The rafts here take you through three and four class rapids that gives you an adrenaline rush. Have a full day of adventure and fun in the chilled water of Costa Rica.

White water rafting

Photo Credit – Heather Thorkelson

Jump off waterfalls in Jaco

you’ll find a number of gorgeous waterfalls in Costa Rica. Try jumping off one of them. This sounds scary but we bet that you will feel amazing. The loud gush of water touches you with a lot of power and makes you feel wonderful.

Waterfall, Costa Rica

Photo Credit – Steve Jurvetson

Explore Caves at Barra Honda National Park

Explore the limestone caves of Costa Rica at Barra Honda National Park. The caves are around s 250 meters deep. Interesting rock formations and stalagmites can be found here.

Explore Caves

Photo Credit – Ryan

Hot Springs in Arenal

Take a dip in some of the best hot springs in the country. Arenal is home to quite a few of these hot springs. The Tabacon River supplies natural hot water to the springs. Tabacon, Baldi and Titoku are some of the famous hot springs where you can take a luxurious bath.

Hot Springs in Arenal

Photo Credit – Kate Webster

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