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Romantic Things to do in Cuba, Cuba

Cuba is already a known destination among the people from all over the world. Known for its excellent Cigars the country is a heaven for nature lovers and for those who want to get soaked in the Sun and sand of the pacific. The island is one of the most pleasant countries in the Central America and is visited by millions of people throughout the year. What must be kept in mind is the ethical and political consideration of travelling to Cuba. Here is a list of the romantic things that you can do In Cuba.

Romantic Things Couples Can Do in Cuba

Dance in the streets

The streets of Cuba are known for the random dancing groups which you can find in almost every nook and corner. What might appear odd and crazy to us is very common here in Cuba, with spontaneous live music having the pounding Afro-Cuban rumba is a hypnotic draw for passing tourists. You can join the locals in the dance who will gladly teach you the moves of the Cuban dance and the Callejon de Hemel is the perfect place in Cuba for dancing your hearts out.

Street dance

Photo Credit – Mike Harre

Watch a dance performance at Teatro Nacional

When you get tired by dancing in the streets you can get a ticket and watch one of the dance shows at the National Theater. This popular landmark puts up great performance throughout the year for visitors. You can enjoy dance dramas, various dance forms or even dramatics at this prestigious theater.

Learn how to Salsa

If you are staying in Cuba for more than two to three days then you must learn the most popular dance worldwide which is the heart and soul of dancing in Cuba: Salsa. To many Cubans Salsa comes naturally as walking, you can get crash course at this amazingly beautiful dance form at one of the night clubs or the dance centers in Cuba. One of such is the outdoor club 1830 which holds salsa nights which are great teacher of Salsa as you get to dance with locals.

Learn Salsa

Photo Credit – berg_chabot

Roll your own Cigars

Cigar is perhaps the most popular term used to display the Cuban identity after Che Guevara. While in Cuba smoke the world’s finest cigars rolled up especially for you. Havana is the best place to get an insight on how the world’s finest cigars are produced and exported all across the globe. The tobacco is sourced from the holdings in the nearby Cuban countryside which is then transported into factories known as Habanos. Take an organized trip to one of the Habanos and get yourself a Cigar rolled.

Cigar Cuba

Photo Credit – florathexplora

Get dressed up as Che Guevara

While in Cuba there won’t be a place where you won’t find a Che Guevara souvenir also called the Che’ Souvenir. Santa Clara is the place where Che is worshipped as a god like figure and statues adorn the street with the biggest the Monumento a Che Guevara towering over the entrance to the city. Do check out the nearby museum to learn more about the revolutionary.

Che Guevara

Photo Credit – sputnik

Party at the Santiago de Cuba

Called as the second city to the already popular Havana, Santiago de Cuba is a party haven and its laid back atmosphere is great to enjoy some time partying and drinking at one of the many clubs and bars located here. The nearby Revolution Square is filled with history and also makes for some great photos. The relaxed atmosphere of this quaint little city makes visitors fall in love with it.

Cuba Party

Photo Credit – Avarty Photos

Go for water sports

The Caribbean beaches of Trinidad are one of the best places to indulge in water sports and soak in the warm Sun and surf of the pacific. The best spot is the Casilda bay where the crystal clear water offers excellent diving and snorkeling experience. It is one of the best places in Cuba to experience the bliss of the Pacific shore filled with soft white sand and clean blue water. If you want to relax or have some fun then Trinidad is the perfect place for you.

Water sports Cuba

Photo Credit – Tarik Browne

Explore the city in a vintage car

One of the best ways to explore Cuba is to hire a classic 50s’ vintage car, preferable with an open top and go tripping around the lovely streets of Havana, through the tobacco fields and the dancing locals. Coast along the atmospheric Malecon and take in the dilapidated yet beautiful colonial buildings. You can drive the car yourself pr hire a driver to do the hard work for you while you relax and take in the views of the city.

Vintage Car Cuba

Photo Credit – Georg Sander

Hike to the highest point in the city: Pico Turquino

The Pico Turquino is the highest point in Cuba located at an altitude of 1974mts and can be reached by a hike through the green landscape. This is for those who love the nature and outdoor adventure. This challenging trek provides you with the best views of the Cuban towns and cities along with an awe inspiring sight of the natural beauty of Cuba.

Hiking Pico Turquino

Photo Credit – Joint Task Force Guantana

Visit the home of Ernest Hemingway

The home of Ernst Hemmingway located in Cuba is now a museum which is dedicated to the live and works of the famed author. Hemmingway lived in this house from 1939 to 1960 and wrote his one of the most popular books For Whom The Bell Tolls here. Hemingway’s white colonial Havana home has been preserved as Ernest last saw it for all tourists to see.

ernest hemingway museum

Photo Credit – jinjian liang

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