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Romantic Things To Do In Dubai, UAE

Dubai is one of the seven emirates of the United Arab Emirates and one of the lavish cities of the world. People visit Dubai to only see the Deserts and the high skyline but also to feel the lavishness which is found in the lifestyle of the city. Dubai is considered as a global city and it is also considered as the economical hub of the Middle East and South Asia. Dubai is the fourth largest hub of oil exploration and also a major transport hub of the world. Dubai possess the world tallest building "The BurjKhalifa" and it is also a city that possess more high rise buildings compared to other global cities. Dubai is considered as the 7th most visited city of the world and thus we can say that it will be a great honeymoon destination. The honeymoon couples who are here for a lavish holiday can get the best hotels here which are considered amongst the best and the expensive in the world. The city is also considered as one of the major shopping destinations of the world and Dubai is also known as 'the City of Gold' as Gold Souk of Dubai houses more than 250 gold retail shops. But the reception will definitely be awesome and they can get the best things to do.

Top 10 things to do in Dubai

Going for the best Desert Safari

Dubai is a place where the couples can go for a 5 hour desert safari where the couples can opt for the camel rides and see the fine sand dunes and the couples who are here for the honeymoon holidays can get the best views of the golden dunes and the bride can also get a henna done on here hands and it will be an new and beautiful experience for a women to get beautiful designs on palms. The excursion will be followed by barbeque dinner and nice belly dance show.

Desert Safari

Photo Credit – Rob Young

Go for a Hot Air Balloon Ride

The couples can glide over the high skylines of Dubai with the hot air balloon flight and see he beautiful city from above. Moreover they can see the wide spread desert and also they can see the best skylines and skyscrapers of Dubai while enjoying your drink on the ride. This will be a very romantic experience for couples as they can get the best views of the city while enjoying the best moments between them.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Photo Credit – Kunal Mukherjee

Sharjah City tour

Couples can go for the best sightseeing tour which is the Sharjah tour which is also known as the “Pearl of Gulf” and they can see the best views of the sand dunes and luxurious lifestyle. The city is an epitome of beauty and amongst the best places to visit is the King Faisal mosque which was built in 1820 and the couples can see the best scenes of the city and enjoy the desert views also.

Sharjah City

Photo Credit – Utsav Verma

Entertaining Night outs

The city of Dubai also has the best night outs in the various night clubs and among the various clubs the couples can visit the 360 degrees and they can see the best views of Burj Al Arab and the place is just apt for good music and entertaining atmosphere. Couples can also visit the Jetty Lounge which is also another place where the couples can have fun and they can see the classy place and enjoy best food there.

Night Life Dubai

Photo Credit – Richard Schneider

Shopping at its best

If you are in Dubai then you cannot afford to miss shopping and when it comes to the honeymoon couples then they have the reason to buy things to celebrate their newly wedded life. There are numerous shopping malls where the couples can go for shopping and among them the Dubai Mall with 1200 outlets with ice skating and unending food outlets, mall of the Emirates which is also a pleasure to visit, Wafi mall, Karama Market where you can shop for handicrafts and other things.

Shopping At Dubai

Photo Credit – Evan Bench

Visiting the Burj Al Arab

This is an epitome of modern Dubai and the splendid architecture is a happening one. Couples can have their best time spent here as the architecture is 180 meters high with pillars of gold leaf and the place around the architecture is worth enjoying. Finished in the year 1999 the architecture is called as the Eiffel “Tower of Dubai”.

Burj Al Arab

Photo Credit – mattharvey1

Romantic Dinner with your Soul mate

Dubai is a city where the couples can have aromantic dinner in any of its lavish restaurants and they can also get some nice choice of foods too. In the city of Dubai the couples can go to the very popular restaurants such as Shabestan which is a posh Persian restaurant and the couples can enjoy the best Persian cuisines. There are many food outlets where the couples can enjoy food of any country such as Chinese, Japanese, Indian, and Arabic and no matter what is your choice of food you will get a lip smacking experience here.

Romantic Dinner Dubai

Photo Credit – traveljunction

Exploring the Culture and History of Dubai

Dubai is also known as the cultural hub of the Middle Eastern countries and the couples who are interested in such things can definitely have a good time in the city, Dubai has a number of museums and galleries where the couples can see a number of glittering examples in the museums that depicts the golden past era of the city and among them the Dubai Museum and the Heritage house is a must visit along with the numerous art galleries.

Jumeirah Mosque

Photo Credit – nelson ebelt

Not to Forget the Jumeirah Beach

Dubai is a city that boasts some of the lovely beaches of the Middle East and the couples can have a great time there at the Jumeirah, and there are many ways to enjoy while participating in the water sports from kayaking to water skiing.

Jumeirah Beach

Photo Credit – Guilhem Vellut

Visiting the Gold Souk

Exploring Dubai will be incomplete unless you visit the old Souk which is a market only with uncountable gold Showroom where you can see people buying tons of gold and you can also buy your partner any mark of love.

Gold Souk Dubai

Photo Credit – Guilhem Vellut

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