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Romantic Things To Do in Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburg is the gorgeous city of Scotland and this city is known for its both historic antiquity and modern richness and this can be experienced all over the city. The Scottish ambiance decorates the city at its best and the ancient castles and empires make this city a unique one. The medieval sculptures surround the city making a impacting ambiance. The city is a blend of Georgian grandeur with a powerful mix of contemporary lifestyle that is visible all around the city. In Edinburgh, the couples who are for their romantic holidays will feel royal and special in the city. There are beautiful medieval palaces which are no less than the modern architecture, of the city and the couples can enjoy their romantic getaway amidst the Gothic churches and astonishing museums and galleries.

Top 10 Things To Do in Edinburgh

  • Edinburg is a city which is also known as a center of burning night-life and one of the best in the entire Scotland, so couples will no doubt will have real fun in the city in the romantic hotels on weekend away.
  • Edinburgh, which is also known as “the Athens of the North”, is also a place for the food lovers and love birds and the city knows well where the actual choices match; and it hosts a number of great restaurants, shops and an match less and dynamic festivals in the city throughout the year. So couples will have the best weekend getaways.
  • Couples should visit the Hogmanay, the Scottish New Year, which is one of the best festivities, and the couples can visit the Old and New Towns of Edinburgh which is the UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • A serene evening spend on the Forth Bridges can be one of the romantic ideas to be spent in Edinburgh and the panoramic view of the city can be witnessed together in each others arms.
  • Couples can go for a romantic getaway in the Arthur’s Seat where they can go for a picnic and the couples can view the beautiful landscape of the Holyrood Park.
  • Take your darling to a night which is full of stars and the romantic moon over the sky. The royal Observatory of Edinburgh is a place which is a must visit for the newly wedded couple.
  • A quiet and serene walk in the Botanical Gardens will indeed be a special one and the couples can enjoy the picturesque surroundings.
  • Edinburgh castle is a place where the couples can enjoy the ancient beauty of the past 1000 years.
  • Couples can go for hiking on the Calton hills where they see some of the beautiful monuments of the city and the place is really amazing. And from the hills the couples can have an extensive of the city which will be fantastic yet romantic.
  • The city is a heaven for the food lovers and the couples can really enjoy each others company by sharing their favorite cuisines and tastes.

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