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Romantic Things To Do in El Salvador, El Salvador

The Central American nation of El Salvador is a popular get away destination among people of North as well as South America. El Salvador is known for its tropical forests, volcanic mountains, Coffee plantation and beaches with the best surf. It is also the city of the ancient Mayans who flourished here centuries before. Here is a list of the top things that you can de on El Salvador.

Things Couples Must Do in El Salvador

Soak in Sun and Sand at Barra de Santiago

El Salvadar is the place of sea, sand and the sun and what better way to enjoy this charming place other than soaking in the sun at one of its beautiful beaches. Barra de Santiago is one of the most beautiful and unspoilt beaches of the area and is worth visiting. Apart from surfing and sunbathing you can also explore the mangroves of the Zapote estuary by boat, try kayaking, canoeing, or fishing.

Go for a canopy tour

One of the most exciting and adventurous things to do in El Salvador is the canopy tours. These tours are held on Zip lines passing through forests and valleys taking you on the rope to the amazing forests. The spectacular Apaneca Canopy Tour which is organized on a zip line at the altitude of 492fts above the tropical forest full of vegetation and animal life. It also gives you a great view of the magnificent views of the mountains and the gorgeous coffee plantation.

Visit the green of coffee plantation

One of the things you can d in El Salvador is giving a visit to the gorgeous coffee plantation in the colonial towns of Juayua, Apaneca, and Ataco. You can explore a working coffee mill and witness how your morning ritual drink is prepared from the scratch. The walk through the coffee plantation also takes you through the famous flower route which is really beautiful.

Explore the Volcanoes

The nearest volcano of El Salvador, located in the Parque National el Boquerón is open for public who hike to this amazing peak to catch a glimpse of the crater of this volcano. One other option is the national park of Cerro Verde which house three volcanoes are right at your finger tips in this 505 hectare (1,250 acre) national park. You can hire local guides or organize a hiking trip through any of the hotels and resorts in El Salvador.

Go hiking

There are many options of going amidst the nature in El Salvador. The rich forests and the soft sloped mountains present an exciting hiking trip. You could also go for more adventurous mountain biking adventure. El imposible, the country’s most important ecological reserve, is a must for the nature-hungry traveler. There are over 500 different species of bards found in this region along with varied flora and fauna.

Explore the Mayan heritage

El Salvador carries the rich history of the centuries old Mayan civilization which flourished in these lands before the Spanish conquest. Visit the sites at San Andres, Tazumal and Joya de Cerén which means the pyramids where people burned in Quiche language as the town got buried inside volcanic ash some 1400 years ago and is now as UNESCO world heritage site.

Route of flower

The route of flower or the flower route is a 36kms long winding trip which goes through brightly colored colonial towns which are known for their handicrafts and gastronomical delights. Home to the countries first coffee plantation, the route of flower has adventurous pursuits like mountain biking, horseback riding and hiking to hidden waterfalls scattered throughout the glorious Cordillera Apaneca.

Go for white water rafting

El Salvador is paradise for adventure lovers and one of them is te white water rafting. The rivers of El Salvador have good rapids for a surreal and exciting experience of white water rafting. The best river for white water rafting during the rainy season (May- October) is Lampa and Paz while the Paz is good in the dry season too.

Go for surfing

The Pacific coast of El Salvador is heaven for surfing enthusiasts; a 10-minute drive from La Libertad will take you to Tunco, the weekend Mecca for surfers. Surfboard rentals and lessons are available throughout the day and the nights culminate with live music and dancing. You can also head to Punta Mango which has the biggest waves in the country. The closest to the capital is the El Sunzal (La liberated).

Enjoy the cuisine

While in El Salvador enjoy the exotic and lip smacking Salvadorian cuisine which is popular in this part of the Central America. There are a number of eating joints and restaurants that serves great sea food. The most popular dish of El Salvador is the Pupusa, a thick handmade corn flour or rice flour tortilla stuffed with cheese, chicharrón, refried beans, and/or Loroco.

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