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Romantic Things To Do In Germany, Germany

Visiting Germany is no less than a roller coaster ride which is always going up. Picturesque scenery, enthusiastic and lively culture, lovely vibrant cities, romantic getaways and folks who are always full of energy make this country undeniably magical. This big country has a plethora of activities which you just cannot afford to miss at any cost.

Top 10 Romantic Things Couples Must Do in Germany

Relive the fantasy at the Neuschwanstein Castle

If you want know that what it feels like to be in a wonderland then you must visit this castle, which seems to come out from a fantasy. In fact Walt Disney took inspiration from here for his renowned musical fantasy film “Sleeping Beauty”. Undoubtedly, it is the most photographed castle in Germany.

Get at the heart of German culture at the Weimar city

Weimar is a city in Thuringia, in the East of Germany which is extremely rich in culture and inheritance. Weimar is full of splendid treasures that long to be explored. Parks, World Heritage Sites and Museums you just name and the city has it.

Experience deeper level of intimacy at the Romantic Road

Linking castles and picturesque towns this road is the magnet of German tourism. To get the feel of quintessential German scenery and culture you must trail through this road. Highlights along the road are the Rothenburg ob der Tauber, the best-preserved medieval town in Germany, and the Neuschwanstein Castle.

Brandenburg Gate, a symbol of national pride

Located in Berlin this splendid structure is the symbol as well as the landmark of national pride for Germany. Built in 1791, the gate was a symbol of peace. It is crowned with the winged goddess of victory, riding a four-horsed chariot.

Offer your prayers at Cologne Cathedral

Made up of drop dead gorgeous gothic architectural style, this cathedral is the most visited landmark in Germany and designated as the World Heritage treasure too. The cathedral is the third tallest cathedral in the world and boasts the highest church spires ever built. The most celebrated artwork in the cathedral is the Shrine of Three Kings and the Crucifix of Bishop Gero which is the oldest known large crucifix.

The Dresden Frauenkirche, a place of faith and hope

You can the beauty of the church and receive the message of the church at the same time. Situated in the beautiful city of Saxony, this church is renowned place for Christians.

Get out of your comfort zone at the black forest

Black forest are the lush green forests perfectly complimenting vast expanse of hills and valleys. Hiking, water sports, high altitude lake diving, skiing & snowboarding, mountain biking and paragliding are some of the fun activities that will help you quench your adrenaline thirst.

Enjoy more and worry less at the Carnival of Germany

The most joyous, colorful and fun filled carnival in the world is said to be held in Germany. The carnival is called the “fifth season”.that is held throughout the country The highlight of this festival is the Rose Monday Parade with marching bands, dancers, and decorated floats parading down the streets across Germany.

Have a merry Christmas at the Munich

Christmas market or Christkindl Market, is the oldest Christmas market celebrated in the Munich where you can buy traditional Bavarian carving and some of the beautifully sung Christmas choirs at the same time.

Rejoice special childhood moments

Who does not want to be a carefree child again and glue to those innocent cartoons so here is the German Fairy land for you all that is made to cherish the childhood memories. The German Fairy Tale Road is the most beautiful scenic drive that one can never forget. You can visit the settings of the wonderful stories of Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White, and the Bremen Town Musicians along the German Fairy Tale Road.

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