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Romantic Things To Do in Guatemala, Guatemala

Guatemala is an ancient country. It is full of heritage sites as well as natural beauty. There are mountains, rivers, islands and volcanoes along with the ruins of Mayan civilization. While in Guatemala you get to indulge in a number of activities as you take a tour of some of the best tourist places in this country. Some of the things that you can try your hand at are listed below.

Romantic Things Couples Can Do in Guatemala

Canopy Tours

Fly over the woods and the mountains and rivers of Guatemala as you take a canopy tour and get a bird’s eye view of the beautiful country. The best location for the canopy ride is the over the rainforest of Guatemala.

Explore the ruins of Maya Civilization

Enter the rainforest of Guatemala and learn more about the ruins of the Mayans. The entire country if full of such heritage sites but the best ones can be found in Tikal. It is one of the biggest Maya cities.

Guatemala City

Parque Central, bordered by the National Palace and the Cathedral, worlds largest Relief Map in Minerva Park, and the city’s wonderful art and archaeology museums specially the National Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology adorn this beautiful city of Guatemala.

Shop the Local

Silver, clay and leather handicrafts are famous in Guatemala. Their craftsmanship of the articles sold is fabulous. Visit Momostenango for traditional hand-woven ponchos that you are definitely going to love.

Volcan Pacaya

This is an active as well as most visited Volcano in Guatemala. A lot of tourists go on hiking tours here. You can even roast marshmallows on the volcanoes of Guatemala as they are active and emit heat.

Water sports

Guatemala is a great spot for those looking for some fun water activities. Río Dulce, Lakes Izabal and Lake Atitlán offer wind surfing. The fast moving rivers offer scope for boating and shooting rapids.


Guatemala offers some great fishing opportunities like coastal fishing, deep-sea and angling. El Lago de Izabal, El Petén, Río Dulce and Alta Verepaz are some of the best fishing locations. Move to Pacific Coast if you are interested in sports fishing.

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