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Romantic Things To Do in Havana, Cuba

The capital city of Cuba, Havana is full of traditional Caribbean charm and stands true to the uniform charm of the Republic of Cuba. Surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico, Havana for ages, has been a major attraction for couples seeking a romantic getaway. Over a million of tourist visiting Havana every year just can’t get enough of the distinctive Caribbean flavor of this beautiful place. The mesmerizing beaches, heritage monuments and diverse natural flora and fauna themselves speak of both cultural as well as natural beauty of this place. Alongside the charming visual beauty of Havana, the warm and welcoming hospitality of this place also lays down the perfect setting for a romantic vacation trip of yours.

Romantic Fun Things to do in Havana

  • Enjoy the vibrant and full of life weekend parties at Malecon, which is a sea wall along the Havana coastline.
  • Take your partner for a long romantic drive in a heritage car (easily available on rent) and explore the beautiful city of Havana in the loved company of your partner.
  • Enjoy the Latin American New Cinema Festival which is organized here, every year in the month of December and is a true retreat for cinema loving couples.
  • Enjoy together the Tropicana show, which is an amazing cabaret show of Havana and costs around 90CUC only.
  • Enjoy together some local wine and beers, while alongside a life-sized bronze Hemingway sitting at the end barstool of La Floridita bar.
  • Take an evening out and take your partner for a romantic stroll at Prado, which is a wide, tree-lined pedestrian area between two one-way streets and extends from the Parque Central to the waterfront.
  • Go Sightseeing in Central Havana and be mesmerized by both natural as well as man-made beauty of the place.

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