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Romantic Things To Do in Hollywood, USA

Hollywood is not only known as a film city of the United States but it is a residential and business region of Los Angeles. The place is indeed known for film studios, and for its three enthralling avenues which are named as Hollywood Boulevard, Sunset Boulevard, and Melrose Avenue. All of the three are worth visiting as the Hollywood boulevard is known for its film history; Sunset avenue which is known for its clubs and nightlife; so couples who are looking for lavish honeymoon destinations will find this place a great one as they can really have fun and Melrose Avenue is famous for its shopping, nightlife, and diversity. The glamor of Hollywood is capable to fade many lights and vividness of any lavish city of the world so the couples who are looking forward to spend their romantic holidays in great vacation spots can really choose Hollywood.

Romantic Fun Things to do in Hollywood

  • Visit Griffith Park with your loved one as it is one of the most romantic breaks you can take your partner. The Griffith Observatory is there where you can take your romance to the next level and you can lie on grasses and listen to the Latin tunes and have a close eye lock.
  • Go for some very intense shopping in the Beverly center where there is an unending line of shops and the couples can really have a good time there.
  • Couples should visit Point Dume which is a grand area of the Pacific Ocean. Couples who are looking for beach vacationsin Hollywood can definitely get here and can be more romantic with each other. The huge sandy and serene beach which should be enjoyed in the romantic weekend getaways.
  • Visit some of the very best restaurants with your loved one near the Malibu Beach which will be a treat and an unforgettable romantic dinner which both of them can enjoy.
  • Visiting various studios in the Hollywood Boulevard can be a great journey as the couples can see many landmark movie stills there.
  • Madame Tussauds Wax Museum is again a place which should not be missed to spot the 125 iconic wax statues of the celebrities from the world of films, sports, music and politics from all over the world.
  • Couples can visit to the Naples Island Gondola for an extremely romantic experience which will make them go head over the heels for each other. The romantic getaways Gondola will be one of the best vacation ideas in the city.
  • Do not forget to visit the Hollywood Bowl where the couples can have a fine dinner and can attend one of the best musical events too.
  • Take a romantic long drive to the Mulholland drive where the couples can explore Los Angeles at its best.
  • Couples can visit Mantee which is located in the studio city and an give a treat to their loved one with some of the best foods available in Los Angeles.

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