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Romantic Things To Do in Italy, Italy

Blessed with natural diversity and rich cultural heritage, Italy is one of the most beautiful countries in the World. The fact that some of the legendary romantics of the World such as Casanova, Cupid and St. Valentine all have been named by Italy, stands as a gem in the romantic legacy of this place. It’s no surprise that for years, Italy is regarded as the Europe’s top romantic destination. The picturesque landscapes, diverse flora and fauna, rich ancient arts, delicious cuisines and World-famous Italian wines undoubtedly make this destination one of the all time romantic favorites of couples.

Romantic Fun Things to do in Italy

  • Either hire a guide or go by yourself, take the early morning tour to Vatican and be mesmerized by the Sistine Chapel in its full charm just you and your partner.
  • Enjoy a romantic and absolutely private boat tour with your loved one and taste a chilled bottle of Italian Sparkling wine. Be charmed by the lakeside views of villas such as: Villa Erba, Villa Olmo, Villa d’Este, Villa Fontanelle, Villa Cassinella, and many more.
  • Dress up for the occasion and be a part of the Venice carnival. This cherish able experience will be a unique and memorable one of your romantic vacations in Italy.
  • Trance over a romantic ballet or opera performance as you enjoy them in the loved company of your partner at the restored opera house.
  • Re-propose your partner amidst the romantic landscapes of beautiful north-west coastline of Porto Venere, Gulf of Poets, Liguria. The beauty of these landscapes is believed to have inspired writers such as Lord Byron and Percy Bysshe Shelley.
  • Day a day-out for a romantic trip with your loved one at Doge’s Palace, from where internationally-renowned heartthrob Giacomo Casanova made a brave escape after being locked up here only.
  • Float along the Venice’s canals on a private, hired gondola with your partner and surely, punting slowly past beautiful baroque and Renaissance buildings is going to be one of the most romantic moments of your love life.

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