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Romantic Things To Do in Kent, England

Kent is a beautiful county located in South Eastern part of England. The city has a close access with London and the county is known with another name of “Garden of England” due to its abundance of orchards, hop farms and widespread agriculture. Kent has everything in its land from being one of the best honeymoon destinations to being the hub of art and culture where one can see-modern art galleries to ancient heritage sites. From romantic breaks,lovely weekend getaways to being a fun-filled holiday destination Kent has it all which can make it one of the best vacation spots in the world.Couples can have lazy holidays in luxury hotels and to exhilarating cliff-top hikes. The city has nice connecting points to London, Belgium and France, so people who want to get off from the lavishness and hustle bustle of the busy cities do visit Kent for a soothing and pleasurable change.

Romantic Fun Things to do in Kent

  • Canterbury is a city which comes under the county of Kent and it is one of the major holiday destinations of Kent. Couples can go for a river boat tour and they can really have fun and find the place romantic.
  • Couples can share a romantic lunch in the various restaurants and pubs of Kent where they should miss to have a ‘sandwich’ which is one of the best menus of the city and they can try many flavors and fillings of it.
  • Rochester is a rich historical city and one of the main tourist hubs of Kent. He city is also known as Cathedral city and there are some very ancient cathedrals and castles are present here.
  • Among various luxury hotels in Kent you can take a room in the Royal Hotel where you can have a romantic stay in the weekend breaks and the hotel rooms are designed with sea views.
  • Take your loved one to the White Cliffs which is indeed a natural bliss and you can have a serene walk beside English Channel and the French coastline and witness the breathtaking views.
  • Go for hands in hand walk in the Scotney Castle which is a Victorian castle and the views and the gardens are a place where you can really spend some moments of love and passion.
  • Make sure to visit the Blean Woodland which is extensive woodlands and the place is rich with wildlife and the couples can really have a great natural visit.
  • Goodnestone Park Gardens is a place which should be visited by the couples who are on their romantic vacations and they can spend some really nice and passionate hours together.
  • Leeds Castle is a place where the couples can visit during their weekend breaks and they can have a royal feeling where they can spend some really romantic moments.
  • The natural landscape and the unspoiled countryside is the beauty of Kent which can be felt all over and the couples can share their loved moments anywhere here.

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