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Romantic Things To Do in Maine, USA

Maine is a beautiful city and a state of the United States of America with beautiful and rocky, surroundings that is having a beautiful coastline with lushly forests and glaciers. The natural inland of this state its unique details and makes it one of the best vacation spots in the world. The city is located with the best geographical locations that also make it one of the best honeymoon destinations of the country too.The city is indeed small but indeed a classy and coastal city and definitely counted as one of America's best places to visit, and enjoy the outdoors. The city is also known as the hub of cruise ships so it is very normal that couples would enjoy their honeymoon cruises here and the city is also home to a rich cultural heritage as the tourists can enjoy various cultural activities with many actors, musicians, craftsmen and artists. Portland is the largest city of the state and a hub of tourist is seen flocking there every year.

Romantic Fun Things to do in Maine

  • Couples should visit the city of Portland and nearby towns in southern Maine which is particularly famous for outdoor fanatics and for those people who are admirers of natural scenery.
  • Couples can visit Behold Eartha, which is the world’s largest revolving globe, located at the headquarters of map maker DeLorme in Yarmouth, of Maine and the place is indeed a surprising visit during the honeymoon holidays.
  • Couples will be more than happy by visiting the various amusement parks such as Fun town Splash town or Aquaboggan, in, Maine; or they can also visit the Acadia National Park which is home to some very beautiful coastal scenery of Maine.
  • Maine is also a home to some adventurous activities and they can go for hiking, swimming in the oceans, surfing, sea and river kayaking and many endless opportunities.
  • Couples can enjoy the western area of Maine where the region is filled with mountains and lakes and then can have a great time in between the nature’s gift and they can really live their best moments here.
  • Couples can visit the Portland Art Museum where they can see huge collection of American and European paintings.
  • Fly on the hot air balloon with your darling on the skies of Maine during your vacation packages and you will really have an eye lock on the air and really will be able to express your feelings.
  • Couples can go for paddling in the quiet waters of the Saco River with Saco River Canoe and Kayak in the Fryeburg of Maine and the time will be priceless.
  • Take a quiet walk along Casco Bay on the Eastern Promenade Trail, and of the beautiful sceneries of the Mackworth Island, which will offer spectacular views of the islands of Casco Bay.
  • Maine is also known for its exclusive skiing destinations and the couples can go to the Black Mountain, Lost valley, Shawnee Peak and many others.

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