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Things To Do in Montreal, Canada

Montreal is a metropolitan city located in the provinces of Quebec in Canada. The city of Quebec is known for its economic and cultural heritage and the city is also having a great political significance in Canada. The couples, who are headed here for their honeymoon destinations, will be happy to be here as the city of Montreal is known as the liveliest city of the entire North America and also for its vivid culture. The city has it all for which the couples would look for in great vacation spots and romantic getaways. They can have fun in the clubs; have fine dining in the restaurants and shop in the dynamic shopping streets and have a look at the great culture in the various museums and art galleries. The city has huge skyscrapers and commercial centers which make it a significant place in trading as well as a great fun center for the young hearts.

10 Things Couples Can Do in Montreal

Go shopping in the underground city

Imagine a complete city under your feet with shopping malls, Movie Theater, hotels, museum, universities and large shopping complex connected with a range of tunnels throughout the city. The underground city in Montreal is one of the city’s most prized possessions. These 2 complexes built in an area of 12 kms has more than 120 different entrances and exits and have all the necessary services and facilities that one can get in the market above the ground. It is used by thousands of Canadians during the times of winters.

Basilique Notre-Dame

Considered one of the most beautiful catholic churches in the world the Basilique Notre Dame is the most significant landmark of Montreal. This absolutely stunning masterpiece was of gothic architecture was constructed in 1824-29. The church features walnut-wood carvings, exquisite stained-glass windows, 24-carat gold stars in a vaulted blue ceiling, as well as one of the largest Casavant organs in North America.

Basilique Notre Dame

Photo Credit – John Skodak

Walk on the St Paul Street

The Paul Street is the oldest street in whole of the Quebec- Montreal region and is a beautiful place to discover the essence of Montreal. It is the best place to take in the essence of Europe in Montreal; there are a number of restaurants, art galleries and souvenir shops along the beautiful cobbled street. It is the heart of the city, be it day time or at night the street is always busy with people flocking the old pathways and hopping from one store to other.

st. paul-Street Montreal

Photo Credit – Doug

Go up on the Mont Royal

The Mont Royal (Mount Royal) is a beautiful hill overlooking the Montreal city. The hill is a great place for people who love nature and it also provides the best view of the Montreal city. The hill is filled with gardens and nature parks and it is the best spot in Montreal to take pictures. You can also visit the nearby Beaver Lake and mingle with the friendly locals.

Mont Royal, Montreal

Photo Credit – Yi Su

Ride a jet boat at St. Lawrence River

Jet boat ride sounds too common activity; don’t be surprised the Jet boat ride at the St. Lawrence River is one of the best things to do in Montreal. It is the only river in Montreal that has enough rapids for a great adventurous jet boat ride. But the sad part s that this activity cannot be done in winters as it is not possible for someone to drive a motor boat in the thick sheet of ice over the river.

Jet Boating, Montreal

Photo Credit – Luke H. Gordon

Roam in one of the food markets

The markets of Montreal are a colorful paradise. With a number of fresh food ingredients on display the market is alive with activities throughout the day. The Atwater and the Jean tailor Market are the most popular markets in Montreal which are both local as well as tourist favorites. The markets have small coffee shops so that you could relax while roaming around and tasting the number of fruits and vegetables in the market.

Food Market, Montreal

Photo Credit – snowpea&bokchoi

Browse the vintage shops at Boulevard saint-Laurent

The Saint Laurent Boulevard is a commercial artery and a cultural heritage site of Montreal and such is its importance that it has been named “The Main”. It is a hipster’s paradise, with a number of antiques shops in the road it is a great place for you to check out the best dresses from the time as old as the sixties. There are also a number of art galleries located on this iconic road.

Saint Laurent Boulevard

7. Photo Credit – abdallahh

Goes ice skating in winters

The winters in Canada are as cold as you can get, while the streets are filled with snow the favorite past time of the people here is skating in the ice al around the place. While in Montreal visit one of the skating parks and enjoy ice skating to your heart out. The region is filled with a number of such parks. Or you can enjoy a game or two of Canada’s national sport- Ice Hockey.

Ice Skating Montreal

Photo Credit – Sarah

Grab some local beers (best Dieu du Ciel)

While you are in Montreal try some of the locally brewed beers which taste a lot better than the bottles beer. One of the best places to taste some fine brewed beer is the Dieu du Ciel which is the most popular micro brewery in the town and that explains why the place is always full. From the dark stout to the fruity ales and the girly citrusy whites you will find all kinds of beers at this amazingly awesome place.

dieu du ciel Montreal

Photo Credit – Paul Joseph

Visit the splendid botanical gardens

The Botanical garden of Montreal is regarded as one of the worlds most important botanical garden due to the extensive list of its collections and facilities. Spread in an area of 190 acres the garden has over thirty thematic gardens, 10 exhibition greenhouses and a vast arboretum. It is a must visit place for everyone visiting Montreal.

Botanical Gardens, Montreal

Photo Credit – Harvey Barrison

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