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Romantic Things To Do in Nashville, USA

Nashville is a beautiful city located in the state of Tennessee and it is also the capital city of the state. The city is a hub for the music, healthcare, publication, banking sectors and transportation industries, and Nashville is also a hub of education as it lands to abundant number of universities and colleges. The city of Nashville is also nick named as the "Music City". Nashville is a city which is having major recording and production centers and the city is also a hub for the music lovers and there are many people including couples who have a strong love for music can visit the city as they can enjoy some great concerts, live music performance and other The couples who are looking to visit a city which is beautiful and has all the elements of fun and entertainment and there are unlimited things they can do in the city and the city offers a number of galleries, gardens and parks and historical monuments are also there. The icon of the city is the Parthenon in Centennial Park which is an imitation of the Greek temple that holds astonishing and enduring artwork and the estates surrounding it are magnificent, and can be best visited during the months of summer and spring. The couples can also take trips on the outskirts of the city, where they can see the farmstead homes that also provides antique tours and can be taken a short day trips.

Top 10 Romantic Things Every Couple Must Do in Nashville

Enjoy the Food of Nashville

The city is actually best known for its music, but it is a city where the couples can have the best food as it is filled with many fine dining restaurants and lounges. The couples can enjoy some of the popular kinds of local places for enjoy the best local items such as hot chicken, hot fish, barbecue, and the best places to have is the Capitol Grille and meat and the couples can visit the Arnold’s Country Chicken and Jack’s Bar B Que. Nashville’s food culture has also been awarded by certain magazines.

Entertainment and Music of Nashville

As Nashville is known as the Music city then it is pretty sure that the couples will enjoy the best music experience here and if they are ardent music lovers then they will find endless choices to soothe their ears. Some of the major places to enjoy music are the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, Belcourt Theatre, and Ryman Auditorium and there are numerous music clubs are there to enjoy for and the couples can also visit the Tennessee Performing Arts Center, Nashville Opera, Music City Drum and Bugle Corps are there where they can have a good time.

Take a Nashville trolley Tour

Couples who want to have a nice ride through the city can opt for the Nashville Trolley tour as this is a tour of one hour and the tour will be passing by the major attractions of the city including Tennessee State Capitol, Antique Archaeology, Musicians hall of Fame and Museum and many other and this is an open air ride which will be an extra thrilling.

Go for a romantic Nashville Showboat Dinner Cruise

An apt option to get closer with each other as the couples can go for the Nashville Showboat Cruise and they will get along with the country’s largest paddle boat cruise sailing on the waves of the Cumberland River. This cruise can be opted for both lunch and dinner and lunch and the views are stunning and the couples will also get entertained by the musicians and the performers.

Take a Walking Stroll to the Downtown

Couples can go to the downtown walking hand in hand and see the commercial centers of the city and also the Ryman Auditorium and the couples can see the best places where prominent music players played and the tour can be a guided one.

Go or a Barbeque Dinner with your Partner

Beside music Nashville is also a city where the couples can have some very authentic grill food and they can enjoy them with suitable drinks. Couples can get closer while getting in a same table and along with that they can also take a stroll to the Honky Tonk Row, which is known as a hub of various clubs and live music sites.Honky Tonk Row- a place where several lively night clubs, bars and lounges are there and among the most visited are the Tootsie’s, Legends Corner, Orchid Lounge, etc.

Go shopping in Nashville

Nashville is a place where the couples can go for a nice shopping tour and buy some good music records, dresses, farm fresh fruits, books, music items and many more. Nashville is a place where the couples can by some good printing stuffs as the city has a major printing industry.

Tour of the City Outskirts

Couples can go for the coast-to-coast road trip and see the beautiful sceneries on the outside places of the city and go for the tour of beautiful parks and surroundings and can see the nearest cities of Texas, San Francisco, and Las Vegas.

Visits to the parks and Gardens of Nashville

The city of Nashville has huge parks and green surroundings where the couples can get to see the best scenes of nature and find a serene and romantic place to be. There are more than 113 parks are there where the couples can enjoy their togetherness and find solace in each other’s arms.

Hike Beside the Radnor Lake

The Radnor Lake is a pond that is extremely beautiful and the couples can see some of the best natural sceneries around the lake and there are many people who are fond of hiking can go for the adventurous activities beside the pond and the couples can roam around the place and have some very romantic colt Chocolates and desserts which are mouthwatering and considered as one of the oldest chocolate company of the city.

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